Just how powerful is a Duron?

I have a Duron 800
and i want to know
how powerful is it
say compared to a cleron or pentium 3

and at what clockspeeds?

Im interested in seeing how much more powerful my duron is compared to my old k6-2 350

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  1. duron beat the crap out of celly's, give P3 a good chase. FPU is the same as with a tbird.
  2. Truthfully i have used duron 600's and they play diblo 2 terrible crashed lots a hell of a lot of packet loss and then there is unreal tournament very low frame rate 20 to 30 same packet loss deal. I dunno maybe some of the hardware was crap but it had a geforce 2mx in it too 128 mb ram dlink nic card. Thats my own experience no insults or inside jokes but it didnt perform very well.


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  3. packet loss? Nothing to do with your video card. You may have been configured wrong for broad band, I was before and had packetloss lots too. As for low frame rate, the duron is an average 10fps behind a tbird same clock.
  4. let's not forget that the GPU is almost more important than the CPU when it comes to 3D games. Don't blame it on the Duron. Spud, you need to break that machine down and fix the problem 1 part at a time.

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  5. my Duron 700 runs damn near identicle to my PIII 700.
    Duron benchmarks better, but performs the same.
    flaskmpeg, virual dub, etc.

    why, oh WHY, is the world run by morons?
  6. No offence, but truthfully I think you forgot to install VIA 4-in-1 drivers. It's like complaning that Geforce3 sucks when you don't install any drivers for it and using legacy VGA driver under windoze for playing games :) I have Duron 700 with GF2MX and 448Mb RAM, Diablo2 and UT are both running smooth (UT runs aver. 60FPS on 1024x768 16-bit HQ). I think Duron's performance is sht. like 100Mhz lower P3 overall...
  7. Sh!t? The duron is _meant_ to go up against the celeron and it kills it. Even the fact that it is still good compared to a P3 says a lot. P3 850mhz $172, duron 850mhz $73. You tell me which is the better deal. You can't even get the P3 450mhz for $70 odd dollars, not even close.
  8. Packet loss? ROTFLMAO!! M_Kelder, have we come to the wrong place? Yes, in case you didn't know AMD chips have more packet loss than Intel chips. ;)
  9. What u call chips, we in the UK call crisps. And, its hard to lose the packets of those! Until you've eaten them all!

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  10. rolling on the floor laughing my @ss off.

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  11. Performance wise, a DURON is as good as an ATHLON

    Sandra says, look at the number: - they are 99% same clock for clock!!!

    Best regards
  12. Oh, did those as well, and if i remember correctly, the graphics ruled and they gave the same results,

    apart from Athlon 1.4G + 512 MB loads and change level a hell lot faster than the regular Duron 900 + 128MB

    In terms of other things I don't know, but generally I would think a Duron is as good as a Athlon in nearly every aspect

    Apart from the most demanding case, where every bit counts etc.

    You know what I mean anyway.

    Best regards
  13. I did install the 4 in 1, redid the operating system (98 SE no ones going to get my version of 2k), newest and bestest drivers, used simm checker on the memory, pci slot checker, used video memory checker, voltage tested the power supply. Almost all testing was done with Micro Scope and Post Probe. Memory tested with Simcheck 2 Plus and the rest with miscellaneous testing equipment. System hardware was Duron 600, 128 of pc133 geforce 2mx, Maxtor 20 gig 7200, Asus A7V KX 133, SB live (live ware 3), no usb or background crap running ran everything again still the same for unreal Diablo crashed about 40 % less. This is also the system I stuck my video card in way back in my posts also no real change for unreal tournament, plus I hate quake 3 so I never bothered with it. But all in all I was told that it was going to smoke my p3 and it didn’t, so maybe now you guys can see why I am a little choked with AMD.


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  14. Now, when you say your motherboard is a KX133 motherboard, do yo mean that or do you mean KT133, as Asus A7V is a KT133 mobo, not KX133??? As I have it, the KX133 chipset is extremely poor for Thunderbird/Durons. Although it will sometimes work, it usually will not. Do you have a Socket A (Socket 462), or a Slot A chip? If you really mean it is a KX133 motherboard, that is your problem right there. All I know is my Duron 700 with GeForce 256 runs Unreal Tournament great (40-50 fps at 1024x768), and Diablo II also runs really well. Albeit I haven't played Diablo II in awhile, and when I did it had some choppiness problems to it, that happened in every single program I ran and was determind to be Windows ME related (had to do with system restore and scheduled tasks), and was fixed. Now, it runs awesome. It isn't the chip that is the problem.

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  15. my duron 600 performs almost at par with p3 500~550
    although competetor to celeron, it scares the hell out of P3! :-)


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  16. KT133 Sorry !!!


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  17. Again, it's not your chip. I mean, I just checked to see what I get, and Unreal Tournament at 1024x768x32 gets about 55 fps average with one bot at novice difficulty. But, if I up that to 16 bots, Godlike, the frame rate drops to about 4 fps if all the bots are on screen. However, that seems to be all graphics related, as if I am in a room with a few bots only, average fps stays above 40. at 320x200x16 resolution, it gets about 80-90 fps with no bots on screen, and sticks at about 25-30 fps with all bots on screen. Not bad for a "budget" chip.

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  18. !d!ot, roflmao has been used for many years on irc and other chat sh!t holes.

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  19. Quote:
    Im interested in seeing how much more powerful my duron is compared to my old k6-2 350

    I don't know if this helps but I went from a K6-2 400 to a Duron 600 @ 900. (I now have it at 1007mhz)

    Using Q3Arena Test, framerates went about 24 at 1024x768 resolution on the K6-2 to about 42 with the Duron @900. That's with a Geforce256 SDR (not overclocked). That's with all graphics options high. With my Geforce overclocked to the max (150 core, 210 memory) and my Duron at 1007 I reach almost 65 fps.

    Here are some of my early 3DMark 2000 scores, K6-2 @400=930, Duron @600=4016, Duron @900=4518. That's using the GeForce256 SDR (not overclocked) with early drivers. With my Duron @1007 and the Geforce @150/210 my best score is 5644.

    Without any overclocking, using the 3DMark 2000 benchmark, my score went up more than 4X going from 930 (K6-2 @400) to the 4016 (Duron @600). That should be a good indicator of the gains of making a move to a Duron.

    Sorry, I didn't save many benchmark results other than those with my system fully overclocked.

    As for Duron vs Celeron or Duron vs P3. I agree with what the others have said, more or less.

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  20. Did you use your stethoscope to check it's pulse? Never rule out an irregular CPU heartbeat. Good sleuthing on the packets. Never would have caught that myself. Also, If I were you, I would test your memory rectally, rather than orally. You'll get a much more accurate reading. Good job, Spud.
  21. Are you makeing fun of me???


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  22. Heck no! I'm glad you're here. Gosh, I've learned a lot from you.
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    "Amd cpu...Gone in 2 secs flat, it truly is a fast chip!"
  25. Sounds about right, as the GeForce cards run out of steam before the CPUs above about 700-800 Mhz (depends on game & AGP card of course). My Duron @ 900 with ASUS GeForce2MX in an ABit KT7A gives me approx 45fps in 1024*768*32bit playing the built-in Domination levels.

    Spud - you've definitely got problems, despite the tests, as shown by my and other people's results. Take into consideration that the GeForce2MX cards and the SB Live! cards are both a little fussy with KT133 chipsets, though this may be less of a problem with the A7V than the KT7. For a useful website, try http://go.to/kt7faq. I know it's for the Abit board, but there's a hell of a lot of useful tips that should apply to all KT133 motherboards.

    Hope this helps, and good luck,

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