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Can I Change The Product ID of my Windows 7? (Weird Situation)

So a few years ago I made the stupid move of buying an iBuyPower PC. It was horrid, and I returned it but kept the Windows 7 CD on accident. A few weeks ago I completed my first build. But didn't have enough by the end of it to afford windows so I figured I'd just use that disc and see if I can re-activate it by phone or something.

I've since installed it, but it will expire soon. I've since purchased a new copy from amazon. Will I have to re-install Windows? Or can I just enter the new product-id and key from the new box.

Currently when I go to computer properties, there's an IBuyPower logo. Will I be able to change that? I want to rid their name from my build.


It's not a huge problem if I have to wait, but I'd like to start installing things now.
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  1. You dont have to reinstall windows to change the product key, go to control panel --> system at the end you will see a link "Change product key" click on it and enter the new product key.

    I am not sure about the iBuyPower logo.

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    That is a kinda odd scenario - yes, it's possible to do it with registry hacks (I've even seen a program that does it for you, somewhere), but I'd just do a clean install, myself. It's guaranteed to lead to fewer issues down the road.
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