Replace the mini PCI-E WLAN adapter in an Asus G1S?

For reasons that I will not go into as they are irrelevant (basically hardware failure) I have to replace the mini PCI-E WLAN adapter in my Asus G1S laptop -- and I do not want to use the same iwl4965 adapter.

My question is simply, what alternative to the stock iwl4965 adapter is there? There are three wires that need to be connected, on several other such mini PCI-E adapters I've come across there are only two. Any suggestions?

I.e. What should I buy, where can I buy it?
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  1. I think I would speak to Asus before spending any money. Mini-PCI wireless adapters are available on e-bay etc but there may be something in the Asus BIOS which means they expect Asus branded adapters (even if they are actually made by Intel etc).

    This sort of restriction has proved true of some HP models.

    I was quite surprised when I managed to transfer an Intel unit from a trashed Philips laptop (found by the roadside as if thrown from a vehicle) into a Dell, without any prob.

    The wires are probably antennas. I imagine it would work with only two of three connected.
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