Hey guys, im checking data on this site very offten :) I must admit that this site is great!

ok, i just bought new computer with GTX 670 and i need new Monitor too...cuz playing games on 1650x1050 just isnt good for my graphic card :D

I was checking monitors and i found firm called "IIYAMA " never heared before ...so i want to know about them more? experience from other useres and stuff like that

I found "IIYAMA PRO LITE G2773HS-B1" specifications looks just to great! Please let me know what you think.

http://www.digitalversus.com/lcd-monitor/iiyama-prolite-g2773hs-p13180/test.html --> more info


Enjoy 1080p Full HD entertainment with the Iiyama G2773HS-B1!

This ProLite G2773HS-B1 screen features LED backlighting for comfortable viewing, and a dynamic contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1 for crisp detail. The 1 ms response time means there's no lag between images. And there's load to choose from in terms of connectivity on the ProLite G2773HS-B1, including a DVI jack, an HDMI socket and a VGA input.

And that's not all! As well as being VESA compliant and ENERGY STAR certified, the Iiyama ProLite G2773HS-B1 monitor has two 2.5 W stereo speakers for sensational sound.

Display Type : LED-backlit LCD monitor / TFT active matrix

Diagonal Size : 27"

Panel Type : TN

Aspect Ratio : Widescreen - 16:9

Native Resolution : FullHD 1920 x 1080 at 120 Hz

Pixel Pitch : 0.311 mm

Brightness : 300 cd/m2

Contrast Ratio : 1000:1 / 5000000:1 (dynamic)

Colour Support : 16.7 million colours

Response Time : 1 ms

Vertical Refresh Rate : 120 Hz

Horizontal Refresh Rate : 140 kHz

Horizontal Viewing Angle : +85 / -85

Vertical Viewing Angle : +80 / -80

Backlight Technology : LED backlight

Controls & Adjustments : Mute, volume, brightness, contrast, H/V position, sharpness, input select, phase, clock

OSD Languages : Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified), English, German, French, Italian, Finnish, Spanish, Japanese

Features : HDCP, Eco-Mode, Overdrive technology, Advanced Contrast Ratio (ACR)

Colour : Black

Dimensions (WxDxH) : 64.7 cm x 23.9 cm x 45.5 cm

Weight : 5.6 kg


Type : Speakers - stereo - integrated

Output Power / Channel : 2.5 Watt


Interfaces : VGA ¦ DVI-D ¦ HDMI ¦ Headphones ¦ Audio line-in


Display Position Adjustments : Tilt

Tilt Angle : 20

Flat Panel Mount Interface : 100 x
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  1. At one time, IIYAMA was one of the top VGA monitors.
    Based on that, I would think they were OK.

    The integrated sound does not seem like much of a plus. Even a very cheap discrete speaker set will give you better sound.

    But all depends on price.
    I think from a quality point of view, Samsung is the best. They make the panels for many other vendors, and I think they keep the best samples for themselves.

    With your GTX670, can you consider a 2560 x 1440 27" monitor? Yes, they are expensive, but a great monitor will last you a long time.

    If you are willing to take a bit of a flyer, look into the catleap and similar 2560 x 1440 monitors selling on ebay for $350 or so.
    There are some forums with lots of discussions and some very good reviews.
  2. hmm i somehow dont trust ebay and stuff like that.. :/ and the thing is that i dont have much money to spend 350(450$) euros maximum :( any other good monitors i want 27' still dont know what about 120hz its much diffrence 60vs120?
  3. Quote:
    hmm i somehow dont trust ebay and stuff like that.. :/ and the thing is that i dont have much money to spend 350(450$) euros maximum :( any other good monitors i want 27' still dont know what about 120hz its much diffrence 60vs120?

    How much is that IIYAMA?

    If you will be using 1080P(1920x1080) then 24" is probably a good size. 27" will still be the same resolution with bigger pixels.
    Your budget will buy a Samsung.

    The 2560 x 1440 Monitors will be more like $800. The really nice thing about them is the increased 178/178 viewing angle.
    It keeps the monitor from being washed out if your head is not centered in front of the screen.

    Many games limit the FPS to 60 which coincides with the refresh rate of many monitors. That seems like enough to me.
    I wonder about the value of 120hz for gamers.

    You are right to be cautious, but do some research. google "catleap forums" There is some interesting stuff there, and not bad at all.
    It seems that one source for them is monitors that were not perfect that were destined for apple monitors.
    That might seem like a bad thing, but many users seemed to be very satisfied.
    I have no problem with ebay purchases so long as the seller has a good feedback rating and you pay with paypal.
  4. IIYAMA is 360euros, its qualty loose bettwen 24 and 27' 1080p big? I will check and give some other monitors that was interesting. I will stick to 120hz 2d cuz i dont like 3d
  5. oh, well do u know any other monitor 27' 1080p, 120hz, 2d? maximum price 500$ or 350euros? i somehow cant find many, all of them are 3d and price is just to huge
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