New System....Opinions?

I'm building a new system for the first time. I've already chosen all the components and have found good prices for then. I was wondering if anybody if anybody can tell me if this setup is okay or if there is anything wrong with it?

Athlon 1.2 T-bird@266 fsb
Asus A7M266 mobo
Samsung PC2100 256mb DDR-sdRAM
IBM 30gig deskstar UDMA/100
Pioneer S-105 DVD
Plextor CD/R 12/8/32
Case/350W PW supply (haven't decided yet)
CPU fan/Heat Sink (looking at the Swifttech MC370-0A)
teac 1.44MB floppy
(undecided on the vid. card - probably a 64mb ultra if price comes down after g3 release)
PS/2 keyboard microsoft
Win 2000 professional
also thinking of puttng another fan in the case as well
-components already have-
Mitsubishi diamond pro 2020u 22in monitor
sb live platinum
klipsch promedia V2-400
intellimouse explore optical

if anyone has suggestions on better components or has any critisicm of this setup, replies would be great.
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  1. Hi,

    Good basis. I took the A7V133 for now, I didn't fancy DDR prices (I reckon 1/2 price in 12 months) Plus I didn't like only having 2 memory slots as I wanted 768MB RAM. Gets VERY expensive in DDR.

    For the price of 30GB you can virtually buy more. The IBMs are fantastic drives.

    If you have the cash, I just bought a coolermaster ATC 201. FANTASTIC case. Really well built and layed out. Good cooling. Very high cost though. Also bought a Li-Lian Mini32 - same thoughts and design consepts (some nice features like intake fan speed selector) and reasonably good looking. Cheaper and again nice compact case.

    The swiftech fan is like an airplane at takeoff - very noisy.

    Good luck

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  2. I think it looks great if you are ready to venture into DDR territory. I'm still testing the waters and not sure if I'm ready to jump in. Did the new bios for the A7M fix some of it's earlier issues?

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  3. thanks for all the input. One thing i am worried about is support for the a7m266. I heard that the boards are only released in oem version and will not be mass marketed. I found them for good prices but the support issue worries me.
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