Samsung SyncMaster S27A750D LED

Price: 420e

Look's cool its 120hz good for my specifications?

CPU: i5-3570k @ 3,40GHz
Memory: DDR3 8gb 1600mhz
Graphics: ZOTAC GTX 670 2GB

evrything is compatible, so i want to know if this is gooing to be good for 120fps (i play games like Diablo 3, World of Warcraft MoP...) if u need more info about my computer let me know.

and please do not delete Thread i really need help
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  2. I hear it's great if you like glossy screens. That is, it's great for 120hz.

    If you have ideas of using 3D Vision, that is not compatible and for AMD systems, it is very dark in 3D.

    At the same size, the ASUS VG278H and ASUS VG278HE are good 3D Vision 2 capable monitors. The ASUS VG278HE is 144hz, but doesn't have the built in kit, the ASUS VG278HE is 120hz, but has built in 3D Vision 2.
  3. nah im more 2d player, im going to use it for playing WoW (world of warcraft, MMO games...) still not sure if its woth 60+hz, i just want exelent picture ( colors, no lag, clear image) only problem is that i cant find good 2d monitor with 27' 120hz...(possible IPS tehnology)

    3D tehnology just adding the price. I check ASUS looks prfect but im from slovenia and there is not way to buy it from normal store ( shiping cost me alot)

    I found this beuty :)'%20IPS&cp=1&lp=1

    But i cant find any offical data about it? So i think its a fake, have u ever heared about it? huh

    Thx for info, and ye im noob :P
  4. I doubt it's fake, but I've never heard of the brand. I'd stay away.

    If you want 120hz, and absolutely do not want 3D, the Samsung is good. I only suggest leaving 3D as an option because when I bought a screen for 120hz, still leaving the option open, I found that 3D is awesome. It is much better than what is seen in the movies.
  5. Can u suggest model? many specifications dont mention refresh rate and its annyoing to google evry model, nah i will stick to 2d i will do with 3d with next generation with bigger resolution and lower price
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