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I recently upgraded to an Asrock z77 mobo & i5 3570k and to my disappointment, the motherboards onboard HD audio uses Realtek drivers which for some reason don't contain EQ any more, and it's really annoying my quite a lot, when I was on VIA drivers I had an EQ.

Does anyone know of easy to use EQ software (I don't even need anything high end with 31 band etc) for Windows 7? Please don't suggest media players etc, I want an EQ that can control all sound outputs including games, films, music, YouTube etc.
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  1. the equaliser is still there in my latest realtek driver software

    got 4 presets or a 10 band manual equaliser

    look for a little guitar icon on the left hand side of the realtek audio manager
  2. In the Realtek HD Audio-Manager already has an EQ. There is button right to the preset-section to toggle between the preset- and graphical EQ mode.
  3. the latest version looks different

    its dark blue/grey

    and the toggle button is to the left of the presets and has a guitar icon for presets and an equaliser

    icon for the manual equaliser below it
  4. Don't see it anywhere.

  5. Going to try a download from Asrock but I can't see it making a difference.
  6. that looks like a different version to mine

    mine shows as
  7. danjm99 said:
    Don't see it anywhere.


    Have you tried the advanced device settings button on the top right?
  8. Yeah, nothing in there. Updated to and still nothing unfortunately.
  9. There seems to be a newer revision here, but obviously I don't know whether they'd cover your chip or include an EQ or not.
  10. I believe the control panels can vary from motherboard manufacturer, going to have a stab at a download from Asus now since the first reply shows Realtek drivers with EQ on an Asus board.
  11. yes i am using asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3

    according to asus its a Realtek® ALC892 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC

    edit---should have said i am using windows 8 64bit so the asus windows 7 version from asus will have

    a different version number
  12. Control Panel ("View By: Large Icons") --> Sound --> (Double-click) Speakers --> Enhancements --> Select 'Immediate Mode' --> Scroll down to 'Equalizer' --> click the options button and have fun!

  13. Or just buy an external one like the 15 Channel EQ[/url
  14. You can use EqualizerPro
    It's a software that will let you adjust the audio on any program you use. It also works with browsers so YouTube, movie/radio streaming...
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