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Trouble adding a domain group to a local group

Last response: in Windows 7
May 5, 2010 7:51:18 PM

Hey all,

I'm trying to add our domain admins group to the image for our local "administrator" group.

I'm going to my new windows 7 client machine and performing the following:

1. Right click my computer->hit manage
2. Goto System Tools->Local Users and Groups->Groups
3. Right click "administrators"->hit "add to group"
4. Hit "add..."-> typing"domain admins" (a group containing all our admin accounts).
5. Hit "ok", then hit "apply" on the main screen

When I add it, it labels the "domain admins" group correctly, but when I hit apply, it immediately changes from saying "DOMAIN\domain admins (S-####... etc)" to an icon w/ a question mark and just that id number. Obviously it can no longer identify the group that I have added.

Am I doing something wrong on my client-side, or is there a problem on the server side? We're running server 2003 R2.

Please let me know if there is any further information I need to apply. I went to search for this, but it's hard to find a good way to word it in a few words that google or toms hardware comes up with anything relevant.


May 5, 2010 8:47:37 PM

This is actually quite helpful for the next step (as I'm going to try to automate this for all machines afterwards and I was looking to figure out a way to keep them from removing themselves along with some other restrictions), but I haven't gotten that far, yet.

Currently it wont take even the first time whenever I enter it prior to creating the image. I am already joined to the domain, and can add users happily, the problem only occurs whenever I try to add groups.

Thanks so much for the link.