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Quick help with Artic Silver

Last response: in CPUs
March 29, 2001 1:50:27 AM

I know this is in the wrong forum, but I already posted in the Overclockers forum and this is an easy question that i need a quick answer to. I need some tips to cleaning off stray Artic Silver that reached my ceramic and touched the little box type things around the core. I use ONLY isopropyl alchohol for the core and the hsf, but i use Goo-Gone then dishwashing detergent to clean the outside portions of the processor. I then went over it with some alchohol. But my problem is that I cant get my computer to post. I didnt change any bios settings or dip switches while doing this, the only thing i did was apply the Artic Silver. SO does anyone know a good way to clean the sh1t off the cpu and what kind of damage could I have potentially done? Thanks.

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March 29, 2001 1:57:27 AM

Did you get any of the AS on the bridges? Is the cpu seated well? Other than that I don’t what would be up. Did you crack your board when you put your HSF on?

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March 29, 2001 1:59:20 AM

I am 100% cetain i didnt get any on the bridges; I am very sure it is seated well and I am absolutely sure i didnt crack anything. I have my cpu overclocked, and although I didnt touch any of the settings I am taking off the pencil lead just to be sure.

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March 29, 2001 4:42:23 AM

The alcohol ought to take care of it. If not, try superglue remover.That should do it. If it boots without the pencil lead then it is not an arctic silver problem.

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March 29, 2001 5:58:28 AM

i gots it goin again, i took time and cleaned it really well, now my temperatures are down about 8 degrees celcius from before, so im happy :smile:

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