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Hey all, I am an AMD man, but a friend wanted a PIII system, so I am building it for him. Just a stupid question, but with my T-bird I got some arctic silver II grease. I am wondering if I need to waste it on the PIII, or if I should just use the regular old generic grease that comes with most hsf. I know heat is not as much an issue with the PIII. I am also assuming that you put it on just like the T-bird (on the die), am I right?
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  1. it might be worth adding it anyway and yes you just install the same....

    Good Luck


    Opinions are like arseholes .... everybody’s got one.... :smile:
  2. wtf? why do ppl have to announce "I am an AMD man" it's like going into a biker bar with a suit and tie and yelling "hey, relax bro's, I'm a biker too!" (sh!t, this ain't the amdzone or is it?)

    on to your Q. yes by all means use ASII on the pee3, it will run alot more cooler and your friend will be a happy blue man.

    "Amd cpu...Gone in 2 secs flat, it truly is a fast chip!"
  3. Funny how insecure people can be with the most innocent of questions...
  4. Why can't they?
  5. psst, hey, er dude. UH, it's OK.. you can use that silver stuff on your (whisper..whisper).

    I swear.. I won't tell anyone you asked.

  6. Really, I promise. I won't tell anyone.. but go ahead and use that silver stuff on yer (whisper..whisper)
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