Which is a better multimedia laptop ?

Hi ,

I'm looking into buying a new multimedia laptop , iv seen a few in the 650 pounds price range with these specs

Core i5 460m 2.5 ghz
4gb ram
320 - 500 hard drive
Radeon 5470

There's 2 that I have narrowed it down to,

The hp pavilion dv6 3105e a

With the above specs , or a sony vaio e series with a core i5 480m 2.66ghz and 320 hard drive and only 3gb ram

The screen resolutions vary with the hp having a 1366x768 and the vaio having a 1080p

My question is which would be better in terms of a multimedia laptop ? Listening to music watching movies streaming media the odd game like sims 3 etc?.

My main concern is the screen and the ram, would there be a big noticeable decrease in quality from 1080p down to the hp resolution and would there be a big difference between 3 and 4 gb of ram ? Hoping for the laptop to have atkeast a 3 year lifespan

Thanks in advance

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  1. I would check out the Dell Xps line they have similar specs i5 4 gb ram 420m card the speakers on it are amazing for a laptop 2.1 sound.
  2. 1080 LCD, 3GB RAM and the faster CPU, but no HD 5470 CPU in the Sony?
    Except for a requirement for possible 3D gaming the Sony would be my choice.

    The Sony's Intel HD Graphics would run Sim3 in low & possibly reduced medium settings.
    The HD 5470 in the HP should do better in most games, but it's still not a gaming video card. Sim3 (like most sim games) is heavily influenced by CPU speed with might explain part of the reason Intel HD Graphics results seem closer than they probably would be in the same class of CPU.

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