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We work with a school in tanzania that currently has older PCs and CRTs. Due to power reliability we are considerng installing a backup power supply system. Replacing the CRTs with FlatScreen would reduce power consumption and the cost of the generator, as well as line power costs. Power fluctuations are common. Some say Flat Screens are less reliable and don't last as long as CRTs. What say you all?
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  1. An LED backlit screen should last far longer than a CRT. I know of few CRTs that still work, actually. Even expensive ones purchased 10 years ago are mostly dead.

    Because LEDs have a much longer life, I would say you want the monitors that specify this.

    Like this

    or here:
  2. crt monitors can last quite a long time. we still have our 10 year old crt and it works fine. i have even had the chance to use an old tandy 4 color screen and it still worked. even the old ibm "portable computer" screen we played with still worked.

    i have a 10 year old ccfl backlit monitor that works great and i have heard of people with no issues with led backlighting.

    i have also heard issues where crt monitors burn-in, burn-out or fail and also issues where lcd monitors fail .

    honestly its a crapshoot. buying from a well known brand (dell, acer, asus, viewsonic) instead of some unknown knock-off brand can help reduce the risk of panel failure as well as buying something half decent instead of the lowest priced item. ultimately you want something built well.

    lcd monitors can handle some power fluctuations but in general you should try and keep this to a minimum. perhaps you should run them through the battery backup to stabalize the power input. this is also true with computers which are even more sensitive to power fluctuation.


    the short version?

    LED monitors should be fine and are a good choice for power consumption. do watch what brands you buy though. I suggest buying from a major brand and not the lowest priced item in their lineup.
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