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Hello, Suddenly this morning when I turned on my computer the task bar suddenly shrank in depth to about 1/4". Windows 7 w/IE9. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas what might have happened and/or how to fix it. I can increase height, but then that takes up about 1" on the bottom of the display.
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  1. What is your display resolution set to?

    Mine seemed to shrink when I plugged in a newer monitor than the one I had when I installed Windows 7 Home Premium. It had automatically increased the display resolution to 1600 x 1200 (and also increased the refresh rate), so the task bar took up less height.
  2. You can set the icons on the taskbar to small/large - maybe that has something to do with it:
    Right click on free space on task bar, properties and see if "use small icons" is checked.
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