How do I get the icon to fill the space when set to view extra large?

I figured out how to share custom icons across network computers but when I set the view to "Extra large icon" on my network computer, the icon does not fill the space. How can I make the icon fill the space? It fills the space on the host computer (where the files are) but it won't fill the "Extra large icon" space on the network computer, it remains small size on all view options. It shows lots of white space surrounding the icon when the view is set to medium, large, and extra large views, and I want the icon to fill the space. How can I make the icon fill the space on the network computer?
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  1. I think you'd need a good icon editor program to add an icon to the icon resource for the larger size.
  2. I have Axialis IconWorkshop but I'm not sure what you mean. Could you instruct me? I've tried making the icon dimensions (on the icon file itself) larger but it still don't fill the space.
  3. I haven't used Axialis IconWorkshop, but I came across this tutorial on their website which is probably exactly what you need:
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