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parts for my kinda new system are starting to arrive;already got: 3 sticks pc133 ca2, geforce2mx w/twinview(necessary for work),the ol' box,, cdr, cd, fdd, hdd and case. tomorrow comes 900 tbird and msi k7t turbo. today i got the fop32 and arctic silver. 2 questions please:#1 do i scrape the little pad off the bottom of the heatsink before applying arctic silver, and #2 the hold down clip on the heatsink seems awfully tight, does it hurt to flatten out a bit? ol' box was celery 466 and is maxed with twinview. your help and any suggestions would be appreciated. i'm an old fart but i do like to play aoe, reaction times way too slow for others lol
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  1. on my duron

    i had to flatten the metal clips

    even with bending it lots
    it was still VERY tight
    take it slow and easy
    and u will be ok

    Also im not sure about taking the thermal tape off of the heatsink
  2. Use a razor blade to completely remove the pad if you are going to use Artic Silver.
  3. Yep, you remove the pad first. One thing that you can do that will take 3-5 degrees C off your temps is to sand the bottom of the heatsink slightly... Start off with some 600 grit, and then move to 1200 and then 1500. Get it as smooth as you can as this will minimize the air gaps and the amount of arctic silver you'll need, providing for better heat transfer.

    Really love your peaches wanna shake your tree.
  4. thank you all very much, i can hardly wait for tomorrow to put it all together, i have rouge wheels so will polish the bottom
  5. cocomm,

    two things I'd suggest:

    1. Make sure your heat sink is flat before you polish it. If it's already really flat, polishing is a good idea. Getting it flat i.e. removing any extrusion, casting or machining marks first is probably more important than a super polished surface. Remember, the goal is to bring the hsf surface into intimate contact with the flat core. If the hsf's shiny but not flat, you will have a gap. That's not good.

    2. Make sure you remove any waxy material left on the base when you're done polishing. I think theres often some waxy binder in the rouge. You want nothing but that super thin layer of Arctic Silver between the hsf base and the core.

    Have fun, and don't it get all over the CPU :smile: .


    the more I learn, the less I'm sure I know... :eek:
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