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Hello, can anyone tell me how I can learn my system's PLL information so I can attempt to overclock my FSB? SANDRA fails to give me this information, unless I am just looking in the wrong place, thank you.
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  1. In Sandra it would be under Mainboard information,System Clock Generator,but intel boards seem to hide this information,and some others it dosen,t recognise.
    the chips themselves are about 1/2 inch(1.25cm )wide and 3/4 inch (1.75 cm)long. and will usuall have a metal covered crystal with 14.813???? printed on the cap close to them.
  2. Are you trying to use SoftFSB?
    To know your PLL code, just open your case and look an IC close to a crystal. My asus k7v uses the ICS 9248-114. Each brand/ model has a different one.
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