Does this laptop worth it?

Hello, before all, I want to say that even if this is my first message I'm not new to this community, I have come here in numerous occassions to find useful information, but today i had the needing of registering because I have got a doubt I think you guys would pretty know how to solve:

I'm going to buy a new Laptop, but I don't really know if the prize for this new one does really worht it, or, for the contrary, it's a waste of money which I could use in a better way. I must say that this laptop is planned to be used in studies( Just university, going to take notes, some silly works in word, presentations and that, not a science career or desing) and mainly focused for gaming, which includes playing some of the new games like Stacraft 2, the upcoming Diablo3... and those.

The price of the laptop its 1k$ ( Im from Europe and here it cots 800€)

My question is, with this laptop will I be able to play in a good condition? Thanks a lot in advance.

O.S Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits

Intel Core™ i7-720QM
Cores 4
Frequency 1,60 GHz
Hard Disk 640 GB sATA 5400 rpm
Grapichs ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650
Graphic Memory 1 GB DDR3 dedicated; until 2714 MB
Screen size 15,6 " LED
Resolution 1366 x 768
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  1. Quote:
    Does this laptop worth it?

    Is that even a question?
  2. it is?????? if not why i would ask for an answer?
  3. I think it's overbalanced towards CPU. See this Anandtech review.

    The two things to take away from it are how high a 5650 can drag a lowly AMD P520 and how an i5-430M with 5850 does just fine against quad cores.
  4. For $1000 no, you should be able to get a better GPU for that price range. At least the new 6550 or 6650 or Nvidia equivalent. You should also be able to get 6gb of RAM and a minimum screen resolution of 1600x900. Heck, you might even be able to pull off a full HD screen at 1050.

    That computer posted should be about $200 less.

    Just as an example HP (with coupon) was running a special two weeks ago for a:

    Dv7 quad edition
    17 inch (1600x900)
    i7 (whatever the lowest sandybridge is) (obviously recalled lol)
    6GB (although it may have been 8gb)
    ATI 6550 (Dx11 compatible)
    500gb (5400rpm)
    BluRay (reader and writer)

    For only $909. You specc'd it up to whatever the pricepoint was and then entered the coupon code. Lenovo was, and off and on is, running similar deals.

    For $1000 you should be able to hunt down similar specs. Never be afraid to haggle for a discount either, sellers know that laptops are overpriced. I was able to knock $40 off my recent purchase by haggling with customer service.

    Using the technique of asking for the old recent price works very well, especially if they ran the special for a couple of weeks. Those customer service people have everything archived, you just have to find one willing to spend two minutes looking into the database. Odds are they'll honor the old price. Especially with components at all time lows. Being courteous and tenacious with the customer service rep is key also.
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