How to use PS3 on wireless earphones?

Hi. I'm trying to find a way of watching things on my PS3 at night without disturbing people. I've decided I want to get some wireless earphones but I'm having trouble finding a way of doing this.

So far I've only found headsets with microphones or big headphones for the PS3 directly but I don't like these options. Is there any way of getting wireless earphones and connecting them to the PS3 or TV directly? I've found some bluetooth earphones but they only seem to be for mobiles. Are there adapters for bluetooth stuff so that I could connect it to the TV or is this a crazy idea?

Any suggestions welcome.
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  1. I've since found a solution which may work but I'm not sure about this.

    I found a phono - bluetooth adapter and some wireless earphones.

    Does anyone know if the following should be compatible?
  2. For some reason, "I am not allowed to edit this message!" so I since found a transmitter, will this work?
  3. Any ideas?
  4. Any bluetooth headset should be able to put out an audio signal from the PS3 directly. If you go to your accessory settings in the PS3 you should be able to set the bluetooth audio device as the audio output.

    You would do that the following way:

    - Go left on the cross media bar (XMB) until you hit settings
    - Go down until you see 'accessory settings'
    - Within that menu item you should see 'manage bluetooth devices'
    - Hit the 'register new device' option near the bottom of the screen.
    - Put your Bluetooth device into pairing mode (this step varies by device, so consult the manual) and hit 'start scanning' on your PS3.
    - If the PS3 detects your device, it should appear on the screen. Hit 'x' to connect to the device, and enter the pairing code to finish the connection. The default code should be '0000' or something similar. If it doesn't work, consult the BT device's manual.

    Once it's paired I'm not sure what to do from there. I've never tried to use a bluetooth device for anything besides voice chat. Maybe 'audio device settings' under the settings menu would have the option you're looking for.
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