[HDMI-DVI]Dual monitor Insignia 19inch display problem

I just recently acquired a new Insignia NS - LCD19 Tv that i have hooked up to my ATI 4870 card. I hooked up HDMI from the tv input to DVI on the card. This is working fine, but i can't seem to find a good resolution to fit the LCD TV monitor, so it doesn't have any interference with Digial signal going over HDMI - DVI. I also have a Dell LCD 19 monitor connected DVI - DVI on my ATi 4870 card, so this is dual monitor setup. The Dell LCD Monitor looks more crisp then the Wide screen Insignia Tv monitor.

What i have tried: When into Control pannel --> Screen resolution -->
Tried changing the resolution to 1920 X 1028 .. This resolution works fine, but when i drag a window it seems to be larger than the Dell monitors resolution.

Also went into the AMD catalyst control center and messed around with the monitor resolution in "My digital Flat panel settings" Changing resolution from 720p 60hz , 1080i 25hz or 30z. works, but it has a little fuzzy display. Like the window is constantly trying to refresh. 720 60hz .. the windows are bit to large for my preference.

My question is: how can I setup up the Insignia LCD 19 widescreen and the Dell 19 LCD monitor correctly to output a nice native resolution matching both monitors and get a digital clearly close to exactly the same with color and crisp display?

Here is my secondary monitor i am using:
Main monitor is just a Dell LCD 19 monitor.
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  1. Since you have an ATI card, go into the Catalyst Control Center. Go back to Digital Panels, then Properties. It will report the maximum resolution as you select each panel. Use that resolution for each. Then you can also go into Scaling Options and see if they need to be over or underscanned (my Acer needs 0% Overscan, whereas my 19" Samsung is fine at default 15% underscan)
  2. Thanks for the suggestion! The insignia 19 inch TV is listed under the name "ZORAN HDMI TV" ? Not sure why it displaying that name. The Max resolution would be 1920 X 1080 , but anytime i switch to that resolution the refresh rate on the digital seems fuzzy. It isn't as crisp looking as my 19 inch LCD monitor. I have found that setting it 1600 - 900 it fits perfectly, but i still get the digital refreshing fuzzy display. I then tried 1440 X 900 and that seems to not have any problems with the digital refreshing the picture. I also wont display my windows completely which kinda of sucks. What about color is it possible to get matching crisp color like the 19 Dell monitor through AMD catalyst?
  3. You would probably have to download a color depth file or make on to match colors, and then they probably wouldn't be perfect. I can't think of what the files are called, but it's made after doing color calibration. I don't know if that's done thru CCC or Windows, might do a quick google on color calibration.

    1440x900 is the typical resolution for 19" monitors, so it makes sense that works the best. Might play around with the under/overscanning in CCC and see if that makes any difference.
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