Windows 7 fails after successful installation


My windows 7 fails on my pc after successful installation, and also successful installation of drivers.

How it goes :

1. I set up windows 7 from USB. I clean format the entire hard disk.
2. Windows successfully installed. Works great.
3. Install drivers. All successful. Works great. Restart after the driver is being installed. Successful.
4. Works fine on day 1.
5. Next day when I start, windows starts drive C: for disk check consistency. After checking the windows fails.
6. Starts automatic repair and fails to do so. Nothing works.
"Automatic repair cannot repair your computer"

This is what keeps on going on since the past last week. I kept automatic updates off. I even removed the RAM and the cell and motherboard and fitted it again.

My PC is
core i3 2nd gen + Asus Motherboard
200 GB HDD
GTX 560 2 GB
Corsair 600 Watt GS600 PSU
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    Are you installing anything else after you get all the drivers loaded? Plugging in any external devices?

    If so, what are you adding?

    The disk check coming up and then causing issues with Windows makes me wonder if there is something hardware going on, potentially with the HDD.

    I would recommend creating a Hirens Boot CD and utilize some of the options available to attempt to resolve your issue. I would recommend running the HDD diagnostics either from your specific manufacturer (you didn't mention the brand) or one of the one's available.
  2. install from a legit dvd
  3. Could be that hard drive went bad. Did you install an Anti-virus?
  4. dingo07 said:
    install from a legit dvd

    I was starting to think the same thing considering the chkdsk running but not sure. Let's hope it is legit and just a hardware issue.
  5. I tried with my LEGIT DVD, and still faced the same problem.
    So i made an USB setup for the disk.
    I have a MotherBoard of P8H6. And the HDD is samsung hd200hj 200 GB.

    Yes i have installed an anti-virus of avast.
  6. so... if you don't install any anti-virus everything is OK?
  7. no still i face the same problem even without the anti virus
  8. get a new drive
  9. I think I solved it. It was the issue with HDD.
    I formatted it with Windows XP and then upgraded to windows 7.
    No anti viruses yet.
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  11. Did you install an Anti-virus?
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