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I've justed upgraded to Win 7 ultimate from XP premium (both 32-bit); I have no internet connection at home, and from what I can decipher of the responses from Hp and MS, my only choice to install drivers is to carry my printers into a coffee shop, and turn on hte laptop with my hardware plugged in, so Windows update service will find my drivers that I need: is that for real? Half the people in this country do not have internet access [please, do not conflate ISP claims of availablity with affordibility, I am bored with that mistake already]!
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  1. I'm afraid that is true; Windows will never be able to update without an internet connection. Coffee shop, workplace, office, anyplace that has internet access should do it. Lastly, if you have some cellular coverage in your area, getting an internet access card from them should work. Also, satellite internet, although expensive, can get you online in areas where other providers are not available.
    Even if you contact HP by phone and they send you a CD with the drivers, Windows will always be left without updates, and that's not a good thing.
    But, if you absolutely don't care about having any internet access, then I guess the phone option should work for you.
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