Hi Guys, recently I am considering to buy a Dell U2412M FULL HD LCD Monitor. After searching and reading several reviews from some websites, it was found that this LCD monitor has lots of good comments, but it is expensive. Therefore, I wish to have suggestions from you guys on which LCD is better than this and cheaper than this. Thanks.
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  1. The best cheap monitor is ACER 24" widescreen
    you can score one at costco
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    Newegg has it for $319.99, that seems like a good price for an IPS monitor, I never had one, because IPS monitors were so much more expensive than TN monitors.

    And this extra too:
    $30 promotional gift card w/ purchase, ends 9/27

    The Dell is 1920 x 1200 resolution, is that a requirement or is 1920x1080 acceptable?
  3. I would never buy a dell product.
    I am very unhappy with their customer service.
    You can save a considerable amount by joining using costco. And the delivery is free.
    I paid $220 for my acer 24" HDMI HD monitor at costco.
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