OMG!! P4 1.7GHZ @ 2.8GHz!!!

<A HREF="" target="_new">supercooled P4 </A>

"Amd cpu...Gone in 2 secs flat, it truly is a fast chip!"
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  1. Considering that MHz is no loner a issue

    .. yawn

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  2. doesn't mean much to me, CPU speeds are no longer bottlenecks in system performance these days!
  3. I'd like to see more details... after all, the screenshots are easily editable, sadly, and I don't have a clue what they are saying except that liquid nitrogen was involved (and pretty crudely at that)

    a whole extra Ghz seems... iffy....
    Possible... but iffy...

    I'd wait for confirmation before I trust it too much...
  4. Funny how AMD lemming change their toon when something AMD cannot touch becomes trivial. Yet they live every waking moment trying to make their machine go faster.

    Go figure,
  5. Mr Oda - if he wanders through, would know since he has a register key on the output screen to verify data.

    There isn't much to read, even if you can translate it, although the guy is saying he was dissapointed that the thing wasn't as fast as he wanted through superpi (reckons the L2 cache is crap) and admits others were right when they said it wouldn't get to 3ghz.

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  6. I think it is pretty damn sweet if it is real. i would love to see some benchmarks.
  7. I smell fear... sniff sniff oh sh*t its my gamming buddies Athlon. Oh well hes got money to spare. You have been forewarned!!!


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  8. AMDMELTDOWN, I didn't check your link, but I'm going to assume that it's the same processor(s) that I've seen stats on. It looks really cool and all (i'm impressed), but how practical is a computer that needs to be cooled by dryice or liquid nitrogen? I suppose that if I worked at a university and had easy access to this stuff I would do it, but seriously...

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  9. I'm impressed. Really.

    Intel now has a processor that will finally run head to head with a 1.33Ghz Athlon, overclocked to 1.5Ghz.

    Bet it's price/performance ration beats the Athlon as well!

    Give up on the P4. It's an abomination, a mistake. Wait for Intel to do something good, then crow. I'll crow with you, as I need Intel stock to get back where it belongs.

    For your own sake, stop belittling yourself by praising the P4.

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  10. hes using a "Video Card : CREATIVE RIVATNT 16MB PCI"
    LOL this is sad!!!!! i know why! his agp port is way out of spec and no card can handle the high agp speeds! also hes using *frozen* nitrogen and it boils in the metal container which sits on the comp chillin to -175c or -265f! man if you get a finger near the LN it will freeze your whole arm. the vapor can kill yer lungs. there will be tons of super condensation!
  11. That's awesome, but now we need some benchmarks. Not any of that Winmark stuff either. How about a unit time for seti packets? Or even fps on quake3, low res.
  12. Yes, both the P4 and T-bird have great overclocking numbers if you make the extravagant preparations. These aren't practical or even worth my time. You would really need an unlimited supply of supercooling liquid nitrogen or dry ice to do it, and that is realistically ridiculous. Anyone who is willing to take the time, money, and energy to set up a rig like this for USE would DEFINITELY just buy a more powerful computer or a cluster or something. These numbers are just for show imop.

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  13. I have to agree, this [-peep-] gets old, coming from Fugger, Spud and Cyberimage, but it gets old from you as well.
    Rise above their level and get on with your life.
    Their 15 year olds talking trash.
    anyone with an iota of maturity(sp) would quit this endless AMD/Intel bickering.

    why, oh WHY, is the world run by morons?
  14. thats a whole lot of very overclocked athlons. personally, even though i am an "amd lemming" i think its cool that someone overclocked a p4 to 2.8ghz. maybe it can push almost as much data as a G4 processor, hehe

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  15. I gotta admit, that is pretty cool. With that kind of frequency there's no doubt it's performance has overtaken a VIA C3.
  16. trying not to flame anyone :-), but I noticed that you pups just can't stand to hear anything positive news regarding Intel.

    well, get used to it because thats how's gonna be from now on. hehehehe.

    "Amd cpu...Gone in 2 secs flat, it truly is a fast chip!"
  17. hey now. Regardless of whether it's the super OC'd intel or AMD, it's just not practical.

    What good is a supersonic car if it can only drive underwater using 245 octane fuel?

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  18. I have one of those they are great. Chicks really dig it :)


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  19. LOL

    At least you don't have to wash it.
  20. F*** you. you don't even know if he likes AMD or hates it. F*** you is all I can say.

    I was going to post somehting positive, express my true feelings, but now I feel inclined not to.

    "648kb is all the space anyone will ever need!"

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  21. thank you griz. you would think that after all the amd fans that HAVE posted positive comments on this thread, that meltdown might, just might have be surprised. but he managed to ignore every single positive comment, and read ONLY the few negative ones.
    and wusy, let me know when you have a x86 cpu that can pull gigaflops performance. they may have cheated, but then again what do you call double- and quad-pumping cpu bus speeds?

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  22. At least the hughe price for a p4 1.7 G is nothing to talk about compared to the price for N(l) and the cooling(compression) of this. LOL This should be a pleasant thing for Intel Marketing i guess...
    Well, if you really needed to calculate things like Big Bang and the expansion of space, you would either build a dual p4 system (or dual Athlon) or simply wait for Quantum-computers to arrive... (In the long run, I actually think a quantum PC is way cheaper than having a processor cooled by liquid Nitrogen.)
  23. hey, LN is cheap! I can get a tank for 7.95. (unfortunately it's the tank itself that costs $700).

    "648kb is all the space anyone will ever need!"

    Bill Gates, 1980s
  24. i've been gone for a while, i forgot how much fun you were meltdown.

    At the core of every system: "I'm sorry dave, i'm afraid i can't do that."
  25. You are right at saying that, I would think because they are sensible, something like <font color=blue> "Live with the Change to Tides]. <font color=black> no offence, but can you?

    Apparently alot of people would agree with me that you can't, so lets see when you start to change.......

    Y bother to help he who never read MANUALS? <font color=blue> COMPASSION! :smile: <font color=red> Read it 10 times KIDDO!
  26. Lets put things in persective here. A P4 1.7GHz at 2.8GHz is only a 65% increase in clock speed. Athlons are doing the same thing with their 1.333GHz CPUs running at 2.15GHz. Unfortunately for Intel, this means that the OC'd Athlons still beat the OC'd P4s, since the Athlon is faster per clock. Also, what does this say about Intel's newer, supposedly more scalable CPU, when an aging core is beating it in performance and matching it in overclockability? Where is the good news for Intel in this?

  27. The only reason Intel is doing that is to scam consumers into buying Pentium4's since most consumers have no idea about computers, so naturally they think that a higher MHZ is faster.

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  28. The P4 is relatively new, and therefore there ought to be plenty of room for improvement as far as ramping the clock speed. At the current moment, I see absolutely no valid reason for buying a P4.... it is slower per-clock at almost everything (video encoding and Q3 aside), while at the same time, the price is outrageous... However, in the near future, the Athlon will reach the end of the line in its current form, and the P4 will be at high enough clock speeds to finally beat the 1.333GHz AMD Athlon. I hate to admit it, but unless AMD gets something else ready soon, Intel will take the Performance lead back from AMD. As it stands now, though, I enjoy the fact that I can get a CPU that can outperform a P3 chip at the same clock speed, for A LOT less. What does this amount to? I GeForce 2 Ultra instead of whatever you can find lying around... Until Intel drops their prices, I simply can't justify buying any of their CPUs... and comparing the Duron to the Celeron is just pathetic, so I won't even go there...

  29. I've seen nothing to indicate the tbird is having any problems keeping pace with the P4. AMD is continueing to match and even beat Intel to market with speed improvements, and the performance crown is still not owned by Intel, although neither is it truely owned by AMD anymore, either. Price/performance is still very much in AMD's hands and will continue to be so for as long as Intel is the market leader. Also, while Intel has sacrificed performance by deepening their pipelines in order to gain clock speed improvements, AMD has opted for promising new technologies such as SOI and pure silicon to keep pace. It will be interesting to see who's solution comes out on top. Given that the P4 has been a performance let down, and doesn't appear to be scaling any faster than the Athlon despite the sacrafices, I am betting on AMD to be the winner down the road.

  30. "I smell fear"

    Its very funny to watch you lemmings get all bent over this post. and how you can run it into the ground. Yet when the thread was started about vapochill box you guys couldnt praise it enough.

    Face it, your a bunch of hippocrits backing each other up in typical lemming fashion.

    P4 kills any AMD offering in bandwidth. AMD is sucking wind. all of you lemmings know Intel wins FSB/bandwidth benchmarks. nothing AMD can do about this and I do not see any competition from AMD for a long time to come since DDR will never match performance of RAMBUS.

    I cannot wait for northwood release to shove that foot farther down your throat.
  31. Fugger, what will you do if the northwood fails? You seem obsessed with proving yourself right. What if you are wrong?? How will you beat your drum??

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  32. Yes, the P4 has considerably more bandwidth than the Athlon. Yes the theoretical numbers of the P4 are impressive. No, these numbers do not translate into real world performance. No, Intel is not able to compete with AMD in cost effectiveness. No, Intel is not able to scale more rapidly than AMD. No, the P4 is not able to beat the Athlon in most benchmarks.

    Now, you can attempt to fortell the future all you want, but chances are you'll be wrong. Right now, AMD is the better product. DDR SDRAM has the support of the industry and will become the market standard despite Intel's strongarm tactics. I remember the same "just wait until...' crap when the P3 was being beaten by the Athlon. When will you wake up and face reality, dude?

  33. We know that it beats AMD's offerings in bandwidth. We never said anything about that.

    "648kb is all the space anyone will ever need!"

    Bill Gates, 1980s
  34. Fugger,

    Bottom line proof of the failure of the Intel P4 is the condition of Intel Stock. If the P4 was a great processor, Intel stock (along with Dell) would not be in the crapper.

    I am not saying the Athlon is better then the P4. Just saying that the P4 is a failure.

    Oh, and by the way, in real world applications, the P4 simply runs SLOWER then TBirds, P3's, and can stay on par with Celerons. Another reason why Intels stock is where it is.

    Believe me, I would love to see the P4 as successful. I have too much tied up in Intel stock. But just WANTING something to be good (such as the P4) doesn't make it so. I know you WANT the P4 to be great, but it simply is not. Let this dog die in peace, and hope Intel does something really good in the next 2 years.

    Further proof? AMD stock has been going up while the rest of the market is diving (AMD was 15 in Dec, 26 now). One company is doing something right, one is doing something wrong. Doesn't take a genius to see Intel has shot itself in the foot with the p4.

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  35. FUGGER, there is a huge difference between VapoChill and Liquid Nitrogen, in terms of both cost and implementation. How you didn't pick up on that is beyond me. Therefore, you accusation of hypocritical (I like your spelling of this word, by the way) behavior on behalf of those who fail to see the practicality of Liquid Nitrogen cooling system is a false one.

    In regards to someone else's inference that Intel's stock is so low because the Pentium 4 is a disappointment. I disagree with that statement. The entire stock market is in the toilet now. Sure, Intel is low, but it still does have a market capitalization of some $175 Billion. Sure, AMD is up from December 15, but it is down from about $47 from May-June 2000, albeit Intel is down from about $70 from the same period last year. Look at Cisco, it is down from about $80 last year to $15 now. It is just negative market sentiment and poor economic outlook in general is forcing Intel, and everything else, down, not the poor performing Pentium 4.

    The fact remains, a 2.8 gHz Pentium 4 is a feat nevertheless. But, a 2.1 gHz Athlon is also incredible. Please FUGGER, stop your juvenile behavior. I am beginning to think you are actually 14.

    "We put the <i>fun</i> back into fundamentalist dogma!"
  36. Alot of what you say about the market is true.

    However, the stock reflects how well a company is expected to perform, and analysts will base that on new products and marketshare growth. The release of the P4 and its less then complementary reviews has had a significant impact on the stock price. Unfortunetely, the Intel Flagship processor (P4) will help Intel lose marketshare (which means AMD gains marketshare).

    So even though AMD stock is down from its run in the 40's last year, it is on the rise again. The Intel "blunder" with the P4 has plenty to do with it.

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  37. I totally agree.

    Many savvy investors(and institutions) do in depth research on the products of a company that they are going to invest in. In my opinion, when they saw how poorly the p4 has done against the athlon(in most benchmarks), the fact that its die size is huge(read super donaro to produce) and lastly couple that with a memory type that is being shunned by the industry and very expensive, most intelligent investors just dumped the stock. Well, thats what I think happened.

    For the most part AMD stock has sufferd mainly do to the fact that most fund managers don't understand that what happens to Intel does not necessarily effect AMD. So the downturn in that stock from a high of $97(pre-split) last year to a range in the $25- $30(post-split) mark this year is mainly due to concerns in the whole industry(mainly Intel) and not the fundamentals of this company in my opinion. AMD is a much stronger company today then when the stock was @ 97 dollars and in my opinion its future looks a hell of a lot more rosy then Intels, at least for the short term. Who knows Intels P5 may actually be a great product when it comes out?

    Remember-Intel needs the whole industry to grow(upturn) for it to be very profitable- all AMD has to do is take market share away from Intel to make huge sums of money and keep growing. At least thats the way I see it. And yes I do own AMD stock, but not Intel anymore- dumped that stock way before it tanked- Will definitlely buy more if it trades in the $7.5- $15 range(then its a bargain-in my opinion).
  38. Didn't AMD's stock split last year? At least that is what I remember reading. If that was the case, then their stock value would still be quite high.
  39. "Hypocrite" not "Hippocrit".

    Anyway, RDRAM is better than DDR SDRAM only in Streaming data. The only applications to use Streaming data to date is MPEG Encoding/Decoding. So, the only thing the P4 is good at is... ...MPEG Encoding/Decoding. So, Basically the current P4 is crap.

    Besides, The soon to be released Palomino and the Throroughbred after that will outperform any desktop CPU Intel release in the same timeframe.

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