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Hello, about 2 days ago my laptop got a virus which wouldnt let me open everything because "user32.dll" so I decided to just wipe and re-install windows, everything worked but it ended up not recognizing these : Ethernet controller, network controller, pci device, pci simple communications controller, sm bus controller, universal serial bus (USB) controller and an unknown device. I tried downloading the drivers from another computer and it wouldnt work, and ive tried going through the drivers that were meant for my exact model with my serial number but it only had 2 drivers listed and I downloaded them and put them on a USB and ran both, but nothing was even different, I CANT connect to the internet at all with this, so the only way is to use my phone or dads computer. I only got the win7 premium disc when I received this, no device and drivers disc, this laptop was a replacement for my defunct one so they gave me a free refurbished one. This basically renders my laptop useless so I am hoping someone can help out, because I dont really want to have to buy a new one due to money issues. Thank you!
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  1. laptops usually have a restore feature built into them for this exact reason, you wiped all of it's drivers.

    Your only way to get the drivers is go through dell support and find your exact model.

    If that still won't help contact Dell support.
  2. Yep, just enter service code into the field to find what drivers your laptop needs.

  3. I already looked under my service tag, and the model and it didnt have any drivers for the missing ones, just a bios update and a random application, I will try the restore but if that doesnt work I guess im pretty much screwed, thanks for the reply
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