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i have a toshiba L30 - 10 x laptop running vista home, i have loaded vista service packs 1& 2 and searched for drivers concerning the usb ports on the laptop. done everything recommended by advice from people on the net. still the same problem, it will charge a usb cell or other devices that use usb. it will however keep saying that the usb device has malfuctioned and or device not recognised. does anyone please have a solution as this problem is becoming a big problem. i have tried most everything and need to know should i just get a pcmcia usb card. please help... F12006
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  1. When you get that error it usually means that device's driver has not been installed correctly. You might need updated drivers for these devices you are charging via the laptop's USB ports. If a USB mouse, for instance, works fine, then it is not a malfunction of the laptop's ports.
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