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Slot A to Sockett T-Bird

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March 31, 2001 5:30:54 PM

Does anyone have any info on where to get a Slot-A too a Sockett T-Bird adaptor. I have a couple of Asus K7V-T slot A Athlon boards and would like to give the sockett t-bird a try. I'm sure I've seen them somewhere but just can't locate one. Any help would be appreciated, thanks, John

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March 31, 2001 10:09:31 PM

Thanks for your reply,I was under the impression that a slockett adaptor was in the works to convert the classic slot A KX133 chipset to the new sockett t-birds. The fact that the K7V-T board will run the Slot-A t-bird spurred my interest. If its possible to design such a adaptor it would be a gold mine for sure with all the classic athlons that are currently maxed out!!!
April 1, 2001 6:36:22 PM

I think they exist , or at least planned. I saw some link about them, but i dont remember where...

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April 1, 2001 10:06:14 PM

You are wrong. The AMD 750 chip set does support both socket A and slot A processors. If you have the AMD 750 chipset and can actualy find a slot socket converter you can use Tbirds and Durons.

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April 2, 2001 2:17:25 AM

Where can I get one? I think they sell well since they are many people using the Slot A format.

This site is cool.
April 2, 2001 2:22:20 AM

Socket A to Slot A converters DO NOT EXIST. The 750 chipset supports SLOT A Thunderbirds. There is no such thing as socket to slot converter for K7.

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April 2, 2001 2:41:35 AM

Wrong Wrong Wrong again! Come on dude get your facts straight. The Asus k7v-T does in fact support the thunderbirds. And yes it has a kx133 chipset. although no socket adapter exist for the t-birds you can get them in the slot a format I know I have one. This is essentially the same thing.

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April 2, 2001 2:45:02 AM

you see my point here you open your mouth and insert your foot!

A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!