G4 vs intel vs AMD

I keep here G4 cpu is so powerful
does anyone know where I can get some info about this cpu
or some benchmarks would like to know more!

Only Facts please!
So basically Fugger Don't reply here!
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  1. there are no really good ways to benchmark across the pc platform also. benchmarking on a mac and then on a pc is totally different most of the time, so it is hard to get good comparisons.

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  2. I think part of the isse can also be OS.

    Most of the Intel/AMD world use windows X

    Mac, well uses MAC. I think MACOS is much more effecient at what it does.

    I also read that people were having doubts about the new G4 cpus as they are prooving little faster then the slightly older 500Mhz ones. Just speculation mind.

    I'm a great fan of Macs for what they do, I just wouldn't buy one. Shame they look so cool, esp. the titanium laptop - difficult to beat.

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  3. I remember reading this article in Maximum PC about the new dual G4 mac (500 mHz). It benchmark compared Photoshop performance between that, a PIII 1 gHz and a dual PIII 700 I think it was. The Mac got 3rd place in all the tests. Turns out with the Dual CPU system, the Mac OS at that time didn't even support 2 CPUs, and it was up to the program to be able to utilize them. Photoshop was one of only a few programs on Mac that would benefit from multiple processors. I am pretty sure Mac OS X supports dual CPUs though. So ya, I always hear that the G4 is totally superior to anything from AMD or Intel, but that doesn't seem to be the case with that article.

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  4. The 'Velocity Engine' is not on the mobo, it is on the cpu. It is Apple's SIMD instruction set like 'SSE/SSE2' for intel and '3D Now!/3D Now! Enhanced' for AMD. It is much better with floating point numbers than Intels or AMDs SIMD Instructions.

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  5. i hear mac is pissed at motorola and the g4... they want to go back to ibm's g3 design soon.
  6. Apple better go back to IBM power pc design. Ibm has 1ghz G3's w/ SOI ready to go. The one thing is i dont give a [-peep-] about macs

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  7. Mac is moving forward w/ the G5 which will be released at 2 Ghz. That thing is sick...

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  8. Guess what... The x86 design still is GOD. Screw MAC they suck like VIA.

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  9. I can remember the days when programmers would design and code a game for the PC on a Mac.....

    Conflict of interest?
  10. if people coded for pc's on macs then why can i count the decent mac games on one hand??
  11. Simple answer smaller market.

    MY problem with Mac is the way the company is run. Mac has gotten as bad as MS, the arrogant wizzard behind the curtin makes all the descisions. Now that there is OSX that is capable of utilizing SMP you can't buy a multi processor Mac.
    OSX is capable of running on Intell/AMD systems but they don't have the guts to go up against MicroShit.
  12. x86 design is still not as advanced as RISC. The only reason why Intel didn't choose to go to RISC is because of money. I'm a hardcore PC user, but I recognize when another system has a better processor, and the G4 is much more capable than Intel's design. Some people here choose to let their bias against Apple and the Macintosh platform to cloud their objectivity on this matter.
  13. i honestly don't know that much about mac hardware. i had my fair share of exposure to them in the public school system. seems to mee that if the hardware is so good they could spend a little more time on the os and software to take advantage of it. seems like puting the engine from a mustang (i'm not a car person either so just pick a fast car will ya?) in a pinto.

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  14. Doom 3 will be released on Mac First and it looks F**king Brilliant! Hopefully it will be released on the PC soonafter.

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  15. What x86 CPU? The Pentium III/4 are not true x86 CPUs.... I've heard the Athlon is a lot closer, but If you compare the workings of the G4, and an "x86" processor, they are a lot more alike than one might think... The days of True RISC and CISC are gone now, replaced by mutant designs that will inevidably combine... Heck, the Macs are getting more like PCs every day! (I personally think that the G4 is way behind the PC at this point...simply due to lack of competition. PCs seem much more versatile, and more abundant. And, since the Mac is losing its edge at what it used to do so much better than the PC, It would appear to me that its days are numbered...[Maybe I should end these () already...])

  16. G4 has 4 velocity (FPU)engines in the CPU, but the FSB bandwidth is poor. 733Mhz machine produces barely over 600MB bandwidth on the bus(half that of a AMD and quarter of P4 FSB).


    Velocity engine helps with applications like photoshop

    OS X is FreeBSD, you can compile most linux apps for it as long as they are not x86 specific.

    New G4 will be 1Ghz, w/ SOI. The new mobo will support DDR RAM.

    Apple claims SMP is working with OS X in all applications. The OS will thread the app to the processors without the app being a true threaded app. (this is what apple claims)

    The current and only model supporting dual processors is the 533Mhz, the problem with reaching higher Mhz is in the BUS noise and stability. (kinda like 760MP problems)

    Current 733mhz and OS X (loaded with RAM) cannot multitask worth a [-peep-], so if your downloading a very large file forget about doing anything else (except read web page or email if its already open)

    Current G4 and OS X run all classic apps in "classic more" it loads OS9 in the background and can eat all your ram so that your machine runs while swapping to disk if your under 256MB.

    Applications do run in classic fine, just very annoying when classic starts up and takes 5 mins to load when you got alot of stuff open w/ 768mb ram (3 slots of 256 because 512MB samsung 3-3-3 shows up as 256MB (bug))

    Next macs will have firewire2 and 3 button mice w/ scroll

    The biggest OS X improvement is printing, its like windows now. send it and it pops in que and you do not have to wait for progress bar to finish.

    Motorola still makes G4 for Apple
    Difference in IBM vs Motorola G4 is...
    IBM G4 700 is 7x100FSB
    Motorola 733 5.5x133FSB

    Not sure wh IBM hasnt produced a chip over 700Mhz with 133FSB.

    Im laughing at the codenames IBM used on some of the new stuff indevelopment. "hooker"


    I believe Hooker is last name of person leading this project. not just some engineers love for $40 entertainment. but I mightbe wrong.

    I didn't find a URL for "comfort" relation to SOI yet but I believe its the name of the person who is leading the project. also might be person who applied for patent.
  17. I hate MACs, and i think the PC is superior, ALSO in design! (Look at Assetek's case, or the submarine..)
    But to be honest I am not sure about the performance, couldn't we (not me) run som benchmarks on Linux? As far as I know runs Linux on almost everything, including 64 bit systems and smp-environments. This should be fair...
    Maybe a Linux Kernel Compilation and a Q3 demo?

    -Is this a competion, and if it is, how much can I win?
  18. I cannot do a fair q3 bench yet, im running Geforce3 64MB. I can pull ~160FPS with fsaa turned on.

    Untill detonator 4 drivers are officially released I hold off on attempting to install Geforce3 in the PC again.

    g4 case is quite trick, moreso than the "submarine" case.

    Stupid/cool trick. the case to the g4 has clear composite handles and outer shell, you can install little blinking LED's from logitech mouse packaging inside your G4 so that the handles blink red (looks cool). we purchased dozens of logitech's after the microsoft silent mouse recall.
  19. Fugger, what about the G5, any info on that? I've heard people gawk and brag, but I haven't seen any solid stats. I just know it's coming out at 2GHz, and it's supposed to scream...

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  20. What about the G4 Cube aka the Toaster?

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  21. Nothing about G5 out yet (other than speculation and unconfirmed rumors). Not sure if engineering samples are out or its still on paper.

    The cube is crap. no upgrade path at all, just a cube with a lame cpu and micro form factor mobo. Its like a bomb, you flip it over and push down on the latch and it pops up like a handle. then you pull out the guts in 1 piece. there is no fan inside and it can cook eggs too. Also makes a great coffe warmer as long as you dont spill anything down the slot drive. cube wil be around a little longer, not gonna take center stage and might get pulled from product line.

    Just to get some drool from you guys, here is a pic of my new monitor. this pic does no justice to the actual beauty of this thing. Some may say its ugly but you have not seen it up close(reflective pewter/platinum). Its very very very cool. Can be had from a mere $799. 24" sony trinitron tube, composite housing, bezel comes off, 2 stands (thick smoke plex)call to order, website ordering sucks and is outdated.


    yes, thats a overclocked G4 in a trick case. Not posted on the site (outdated) is the G4 1.2Ghz, and G4 1.2MP.
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