How would I connect my Xbox to my computer monitor?

I have a newer xbox 360 and my computer monitor only has a VGA and DVI port. I'd like to be able to use the monitor to play xbox. I've looked into all sorts options and converters.

I'm looking at this from monoprice but
but the reviews state there is a lot of ghosting and picture quality issues.

I use the DVI port on my monitor for my desktop stuff (DVI to DVI from my graphics card) so the VGA port is the only one left. I've looked into HDMI > VGA converters but theyre expensive cause they need some HDCP thing.

The only other thing I can think of is to go from the xbox > HDMI > DVI adapter > VGA > monitor but I dont know if that would work or if there are adapters for it.

I have a perfectly great xbox that I don't use cause I can't figure this out. Help!
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  1. You cannot convert from HDMI to VGA without an expensive converter.

    Another option is to use the VGA with your computer.
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