Celeron to Pentium III?

My current system is:
Celeron 533/ATC6310V ATrend Mobo/256MB PC-100 Apacer RAM/Creative Annihilator 2 Video (GeForce 2 GTS)/Maxtor 10GB 7200 rpm HD/Win 95 OS2 w/USB support.
I mainly use it to play 3D graphics intensive games (Alice, Mechwarrior, you get the idea). Any game runs fine at 800x600, but at 1024x768 it starts getting choppy.
I'm thinking about upgrading to a Pentium III 800MHz. So, is it a good idea? And mostly, do you think I will see a performance improvement? I'd hate to blow $180-200 in a new processor and find everything works the same.
Thank you for any answers, I really need them ^_^
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  1. you should find a big improve ment becuase at 800 khz the video card becomes the bottle neck

    and also a celleron is about 100 mhz slower clock to compaered to a p3
    check with other people to make sure your mother board can use a cumine core
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