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Hello, I just upgraded my 4400mAh battery to 7200mAh and I'm only getting 1.5hrs charge from it. I've recharged it many times always letting it run right out. Can the same power adapter charge a bigger battery?? Or, is there something that has to be reset on the laptop. I've noticed also that the amount of time it takes to charge the 4400mAh is the same as the bigger 7200mAh. This surely can't be right.
Can someone assist. Thanks
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  1. Can you give us some details about your system? Make? model? etc.
  2. Hi. clarkjd

    Yes, I'ts an IBM T41 Thinkpad and I'm using Windows XP Pro.

    I've tried running it out many times by just letting the laptop close itself down,
    but it always seems to have the same longevity of 1,5 hours. On the Levono
    website they say I should get between 2.3 to 4.0 or even more in some cases. I'd be happy with 2.0.

    Any suggestions would be helpful.

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