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[ANNOUNCE] CRL 1.1d released

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September 6, 2005 3:59:03 PM

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Hello all!

A new version of CastlevaniaRL has been released, this one has been yet
another big leap compared to 1.1c, please have a look and tell me your

Version 1.1d: 06/09/2005
* Classes: Vampire Killer, Vampire Renegade, Vampire Vanqisher,
Summoner, Man Beast, Knight
* Petra town with NPCs and Cleric
* 21 special player skills
* Equipable weapons and armor
* 37 new items (usable and wearable)
* Hidden mystic weapons
* Weapon skills learnt by repeating use
* Character background on creation
* Freezing
* Character status window
* Autowhip and Autoattack on bump
* AutoID on sight
* UI rearrangement
* Several bugfixes

Downloads at:

System Requirements:
* Java JRE 1.2


Slash []
L:Java E+++ T++ R+ !P D+ !G F:ADoM ?RL RLA++
GA: W:F Q++ AI++ !GFX SFX++ RN++++ PO-- !Hp Re+ S++
CRL: W:D F Q+ AI++ !GFX SFX+++ RN+++ PO++ Hp+ Re--- S++

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September 8, 2005 8:09:12 PM

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Getix wrote:
> Does not work :( 
> it finds some exceptions :( 

The most common cause is to try to run it on a directory with spaces on
its path, try moving it to another directory or run the swing version.

September 9, 2005 2:55:33 AM

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Does not work :( 

it finds some exceptions :(