is the boxed cpu athlon fans suitable for a 1.2gig

is the fan/heat sink packaged with the retail athlon 1.2 gig athlons any good?
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  1. If you're not planning on overclocking, it's good enough to keep your 1.2GHz athlon stable for probably as long as you'll use it. Just ask if you're still planning on using your current machine in 5-10 years. Better cooling may extend the life of the chip but may not be worth the cost if you're only keeping it for a couple years. Now if you overclock, you definitely need a better heat sink/fan or you'll experience a very short lifetime.
  2. It's a pity how AMD processors don't have built-in thermal protection...

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  3. How long you figure a 1.1 (not oc'd) will last running at 52*C(idle)

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  4. That temperature shouldn't be a real danger to the processor. If you're into "hardcore cooling," you could probably bring it down to a lower temperature. It should go for a good number of years.

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  5. There are no statisitics on how long a processor will last at what temperature. It is all speculation at this point.

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  6. Built-in thermal protection is just a failsafe and does not in anyway cool down the cpu. It is a good feature to have in case your hsf fails, but until then it isn't of any use. (In this context)

    I think Athlon CPU's have a reliable temperature ceiling of 70 - 75 degrees C.

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  7. Amd stock hsf will not cool down you cpu! you need heroic measures to cool down that cpu, most likely you will need to replace the stock fan.

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  8. Don't be a tard. The stock HSF will cool a stock CPU running at spec.

  9. I agree. That stock fan will cool well enough to use everyday. If you get any lockups, most likely you'll need to add a case fan from radio smack. A little arctic silver will let you overclock stably, but not much (50mhz). Either way, everything is just a guess as to how long the processor will last. I'm guessing from my past machines, and hoping the trend has continued.
  10. I sincerely suggest that you AMD gurus give Sigma pointers as to mounting the heat sink to prevent damaging the T-bird's core!

    I'm a P3 user myself so I don't know T-bird installation "do's and don'ts", but my brother (who had previously built a P2 system), recently tried building a new AMD system and wound up cracking the T-bird's core while mounting it! He still doesn't know where he went wrong.
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