What are those slots on the side of my laptop?

I was wondering what were those two slots on the left side of my laptop, since I never used them at all and maybe they could actually perform something useful. Here is a photography of the side of my laptop :

The dimensions are about 1.2 cm wide for both and 0.9 cm high. They are not USB slots, don't look like PCMCIA slots either, I was thinking it could be something multimedia related like a special connector for digital cameras or something, or maybe the right one could be a HDMI slot although it doesn't really have that shape. No idea about the first one although it reminds me of something. Might be a ExpressCard slot but not sure.

Can someone help me out and tell me what those slots are for? Thanks a lot!
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  1. Anything look similar?

    Did you not want to mention the make and model of your laptop for a particular reason?
  2. Oh I did not mean to hide information, it was stupid of me not to mention it, I have an Inspiron 1545 (Dell). And yes, the two leftmost on your photography are the ones I'm talking about (in the same order too).
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    The are the VGA external monitor connector and the Ethernet networking adapter connector.

  4. Thanks.
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  6. You're welcome.
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