Need Some Suggestions on this Alienware System...

I am thinking of gettin an Alienware System, and have configured one bad ass machine... I think... I dont know much about the tech. stuff when it comes to computers... I know a little bit, but not a whole lot, so I was wondering if someone could let me know what they think of this system.
Athalon *AMD 761-Chipset 761-AGP Max Clock 4x-Max Memory 512mb-Buss 266mhz-Max Clock 1.3ghz-5PCI-2USB-IDE ATA 100*(is this a good motherboard?)
384meg DDR PC-2100
Two 40gig Hard drives, 7200rmp, 9.0ms seek time, UltraATA
Promise FastTrack UltraATA/100 RAID
NVIDIA GeForce2 Ultra 64MB DDR
Is this all compatable.. and is it the best parts? I also have lots of other goodies like the 19" Pro. Monitor and THX Speakers... the total is almost 3,600... So I want to check, double check, and triple check that this is a bad ass system that will last for a while... and not give me much trouble... Thanks for your help.
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  1. That sounds like alot of money, that's in US dollars I assume?

    First, you don't say what brand of motherboard it is, the amd 761 is a chipset, which is part of the motherboard.

    second, you don't say the brand of hd's

    third, ditto on the video card.

    Give us that information too please.

    Also, you don't say anything about cd/cdrw/dvd drives, and power supply.

    It sounds pricey to me.

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  2. That is the most ridiculous pricing sceme I have seen in several years. I really hope that isn't in Dollars. I've heard good things about Alienware, but $3,600????? That's a rip off. Get us more exacts and we'll see if there is something we are missing or do not know.

    If you want some perspective, go to and check the prices for the components. You'll see that all of that doesn't add up to that much. Not even close.

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  3. Did you say your motherboard supports 'only' 512MB and maximum processor clock speed of 1.3GHz? I think that sounds very limiting.

    This site is cool.
  4. Russ -

    What are you going to do with this machine? Is it just for Ultima, etc. or are you going to do a little database programming on the side?

    It looks like you are more inclined to buy a system this time than build your own. Either way, a site you should check out is

    You have just begun a great adventure. Good luck!

  5. This should be the "base computer" that u customize...
    Change case to Dragon Full Tower
    Memory-up to 384megs
    Add a second 40gig hard drive and RAID controler
    19" Pro. Monitor ($409)
    Change sound card to Gamer5.1
    Change storage to 'none'
    Change power protection to 'none'
    Change shipping to include monitor...
    Thats the computer I am looking at... if that helps at all.. I hope so...
  6. I want to be able to run Ultima Online:Third Dawn with np's, Tribes 2 with np's, Counterstrike with np's, Halo with np's, and some other nice 3d shooters....
    I also want to be able to run DVD's, download multiple movies, mp3's, etc...
  7. no man, sounds like a rip....

    too much for too little.

    Again, what type of mobo,ram,hd,vid card?

    you don't expect us to get off our lazy mousepads and check do you? :)

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  8. The only reason Alienware charges that much is for the fancy tower, the rest of the system should run $1500-$2000 max. So is that fancy tower worth $2000?

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  9. Russ -

    What some of the other folks are looking for -- what mobo by manufacturer and model, etc. -- is info that Alienware doesn't show for some components.

    By way of comparison (this is NOT a recommendation of any kind) take a look at Their configurator gives you this level of detail.

    Is building your system a realistic option for you?

  10. Yeah, I can/would build my own cpu... but I have no Idea what to look for. I know I should get an Athalon "C" 1.33ghz, but I dont even know what exactly type "C" is besides 266mhz bus... I dont even know exactly what that means. I know how to put the stuff together... kinda like one big puzzle... but I wouldnt know what parts to buy or whare to buy them from. Another thing is I would like to buy from somewhare that will give me a warrenty in case I F#*^ something up. Could some one let me know a good place to buy "parts" from, and what I should look for. I am basically looking for top of the line *needs to last aprox. 6 years =)*
  11. I always see Socket A Athalon or Slot A Athalon, or something different... What does that mean exactly? What is the best kind of mother board?
  12. Russ -

    No offense intended here, but right now I would rate your chances of successfully building your own gaming system at zero. Right now, you don't really know enough to even buy one. How do you "know" you need an Athlon 1.33?

    Your first challenge is to become a lot more self-reliant. You asked a question about Slot A vs Socket A, right? Go to the top of the page and click "Search Boards" -- it's on the left over "Register" and "Login." In "Words to search for" enter "Slot A" (without the quotes). Change "Date Range" to "Newer than 3 months." Then click "Submit."

    When it's obvious you've done your homework, people on this forum will help you all they can. If it's obvious you haven't, you're on your own.

  13. I would never buy this because:

    -it's too expensive
    -no marks are named, I would want to know the mark names...

    I think you can get this stuff for less money in other online stores...
  14. and about building your own gaming system... I would buy such a fast CPU... but Ia dvice you to do some own research on this site and others, reading reviews, guides etc. You learn a lot from it.
  15. I know I could build my own cpu... It really isnt that hard... I just dont know what some stuff is, but I am learning slowly but surely. Like I now know what slot and socket are... and I understand type "C" athalon compaired to older chips. These posts are in a way my "homework". If you know of any sites that explain what everything is (somewhare i could do my "homework") they by all means post it... I would love to look at it. Also... I dont know that I NEED a 1.33ghz cpu... It is something I would like though. I am going to actually buy all this stuff at the end of May, *not Quite there with funds...*, So I am tring to get an idea of what I will want, and tring to learn a little bit about different kinds of stuff so that building my own system would be a Posibiltiy... I have an Idea... like the 1.33ghz... I dont NEED that, but It would be nice, would it not?
  16. Here's my recommendations. If you want the latest & Greatest, do some more homework and find a place that can put a system together for you of your choosing. Then, put together something like this:

    Athlon 900MHz, or even a Duron 800 ($56).
    Asus A7V133 MoBo
    256 - 384 M GOOD memory (I just replaced a stick of "House Brand" and I am having NO MORE PROBLEMS!)
    1 40G ATA100 HDD should be plenty.
    GeForce2 Ultra, or possibly pay for a GeForce3!
    Good Sound & other such things.

    Right now, the CPU won't make a ton of difference on Performance. The video card will for games. Then, in about 1 year or so from now, buy yourself an Athlon 1666 (133*12.5) for $125 or so and you will be set to go. You can put the $125 you save now on the CPU and the $150 on the extra HDD toward a GeForce3 video card!

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  17. What is your budget? If you are looking at spending 3000+, but are at 2500 right now, then you have all the cash you need since 3000+ is probably too much...

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  18. That sounds like a rip. Build custom the only way to go. All newbies really buy systems now. Install a pc is like push and click.

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  19. ugg i know isn't it sickening. i remember the days when the MB was nothing but a forrest of jumpers. when i build my last computer i had to set 2 jumpers... one on my hard drive and another on my cd-r. boy did that take time. I liked it when it was hard, made sure idiots didn't try it. once it was impressive to have built your own pc, now a grade 2er could do it. put the round peg in the round hole, put the grey cable in the only place it can go in the only orientation it can go in.
  20. Russ -

    If there were sites that explained everything, this would be too easy, anybody could do it, and it wouldn't be any fun.

    The first site to explore is this one -- I mean Tom's Hardware, not just this forum. For starters, go to the bottom of the home page where it says "Tom's Guides." Click "How To" and read the article "Do-It-Yourself PC System - Part I."

    Then spend some time browsing the list of articles for others that interest you -- I'm sure you can learn something worthwhile in just about any of them.

    Another thing to know is how to find sites yourself. My favorite search engine is Go there, type "Athlon" in the window, and click "Google Search." You will find specific information about the Athlon, and you will also find sites you will want to explore.

    That should keep you busy for a while. Happy Homework!

  21. I started another post on this subject, it has a little bit more information. Please check it out. Thanks.
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