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With the 900MHz Duron released AMD puts its lead over the Celeron at a full 900MHz, and it undercuts the Celeron price substantially and we all know it blows it away performance wise. Now that UMA chipsets are available the AMD's sale prospects for their budget CPU are looking up so hopefully more of the world other than just overclockers will be prompted to buy systems based on it.

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  1. We are still looking for cost effective chipset solution...

    This site is cool.
  2. UMA chipsets are ok, they can compete with celeron very well
    have a look at KM133, SiS730s
    they can make duron900 even cheaper than celeron800


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  3. Interesting. It seems that the Duron line will compete with the P3's, and the Athlon will compete with the P4's.

    Wonder if that was in Intels strategy?

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  4. There still aren't very many Sis or Via integrated boards on the market, and I still haven't heard from anyone who actually owns one of the new ones. I'm looking at the sis 730s since it had the better reviews over the km133

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  5. General question: If I overclock a Thunderbird 800 with the 100 (or 200 if you will)MHz bus to 1.2 GHz with a 133 (266) MHz bus, would there be a performance difference between the overclocked Thunderbird and the off-the-shelf 1.2 GHz Thunderbird with the 133 (266) bus?
  6. performance would not be any different. however the overclocked chip would produce more heat.

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  7. The only SiS730 mobo I have seen was one that didn't have an AGP port. It had the blank area where one should be, but I guess the maker left it out for cost effectiveness. All I know is that I would never buy that motherboard, as it couldn't even be made a performance system is you wanted it to. Unless of course you'd get a Voodoo 5 5500 PCI, but those are going to disappear soon. Even then it wouldn't be too great.

    It was only like $80. Not bad for integrated sound, video, modem, and LAN. Throw in a Duron 600, 64 MB RAM, CD, Floppy, small HD, and you got a full system (minus monitor) for like $250.

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