How I get back my Internet Explorer 9????

Hello, I Siddharth Sarkar
I have deleted my boot files from my computer and then my computer is not stating. So, Isend to the dealer where I bought my computer. Then I start my computer, there I have see two different types of files, One is and Another one is windows.old, then I transfer all my files to the windows.old, and my computer has deleted my Internet Explorer 9. Why??? and how I get back my Internet Explorer 9????
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  1. You did it backwards. The is the NEW installation, the windows.old is the OLD installation, so all your OLD files and backup should be copies to the NEW directories. You problably moved files you shouldn't have. Since you had to depend on someone else to fix your computer the first time, I'm guessing fix this is beyond your expertise and will require you to take it back, perhaps asking them to due what you are attempting.
  2. Firefox or Chrome, don't use crap IE.
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