Cracked CPU?

So, what are symptoms of a cracked CPU?

I ask because last nite I removed my HSF from my TBird 1.2. I wanted to reapply the Artic Silver because I thought I may have placed in on a little too thick. Then after reassembling everything, when I power on the machine, I get nothing! The power comes on and the hard drive light stays on constantly and that is it. I don't get any video and I don't get any beeps from the speaker. Just power and silence.

System Specs:
1.2 G Athlon (MC462 HSF)
Adaptec 2940U2W SCSI controller
Leadtek GF2U
256M Corsair-133 RAM
SB Live!
3Com 10/100 e-net card

Before removing and replacing the the HSF, everything was working fine. At this point I am thinking either some card is not seated correctly, I cracked the CPU, vid card went bad, SCSI controller went bad.

Any thoughts?

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  1. It seems that u have wasted your CPU
    If this is true the DIE of your CPU is broken and then it`s time for a new one my friend.

    Next time u should put your HSF more sensitive on the CPU

    (and if i close my mind in fear please pry it open)
  2. Double check everything!

    I mean like the cpu fan is in plugged in and plugged in correctly.

    All your ide cables are in properly
    cards taken out and then back in

    make sure the power to the board is in correctly

    Then try again

    If still same thing

    If you are extremelty careful and know what u are doing
    take the heatsink off again and clean it off and find out if its cracked

    They dont crack that easy
    u have to be very hard with it for it to damage like that

    ive installed many mant socket a systems and all were 100% ok
    even a few where the heatsink snapped down to hard i almost cracked the board

    still mine worked a -ok
    check those things out first and give er a go again and see what happens

    Also maybe take all ur cards out except video and try

    last month i bought a new tower and installed everything in the new tower
    powered on
    i got it working somehow but i just checked everything
    ide cables
    power connectors cards,, etc.. everything then it worked

    also see if ur cpu fan is turning when u power it on..

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  3. Try jumping the motherboard settings and see if it helps.

  4. Check you IDE cable cos if they have been knocked they could cause that


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  5. Amd cpu's are made similar to nabiscos graham crackers, you have to use extreme caution when handling an Amd fragile chips.

    (if it's a cracked cpu)your investment is gone! ask Amd for you money back!

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  6. Do a Cold Reboot - for ATX system it means taking the mains plug off and waiting a bit, then putting it back on. A simple power cycle wont do.

    Take all the perhipherals (Cards + HDD/CD-Rom/Floppy cables)out except the Graphics card.

    Switch the System on.

    If it still doesn't work,

    Take off the HSF (Gently).
    Clean all the Thermal paste of the CPU and the heatsink. (dont put the heatsink back on)
    Switch the system on.

    If it doesn't work, Connect the heatsink to the mobo connectors but dont Stick it on the CPU yet.

    If it doesn't work, The mobo should beep a few times. count how many times it beeps. This is the bios's way of describing what is wrong.

    If it works then, switch the system off. put a tiny amount of the paste on the core, Place the heatsink on and plug it back in.
    Put the perhipherals back in one by one, switching on the system to check if it works after each peripheral.

    Hopefully it should work. If it doesn't, post back with the number of times it beeps and any other progress.

    P.S What mobo r u using? What bios does it have?

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  7. ROFL!

    Good thing those are cheap processors(not only built cheap but priced cheap too), seems like you need to buy them in bulk these days. =)

    Buy more AMD!
  8. re-attach the cpu cooler fan to the mobo and it'll boot fine

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  9. If you cracked the CPU you should of heard it crunch. Removing the HSF and a quick visual inspection will prove if you did or not, the edges will be crumbled....

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  10. Nabiscos graham crackers oh man i love those crackers:)


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  11. Really? You should try them with a little artic silver. YUM! Much better than silicon paste for taste, even if it doesn't do that much for cooling!

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  12. Hmm i might just do that my bud fied his duron overclocling so guess what im gonna do? Hmmm used artic silver Hmmm *spudmuffin drooling all over the place*


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  13. Well, I figured out what was wrong....FRIED CPU!!!

    I've been working with PC's for about 15 years, and never have I had something like this happen! Then again, in all this time, I had never ventured over to the AMD world until now. I realize its my own damn fault, but I can only imagine how many cpu's have been fried.

    The one thing I can't quite figure out is how it happened. I mean I applied the AS like I always do. I installed the HSF, checked to make sure it wasn't resting on the processor socket, etc...etc...Everything seemed fine. In trying to figure out this problem, I removed the heatsink, and sure enough there was AS where it should have been on the HSF.

    But somehow, it fried. The little white sticker on the bottom of the cpu was all black and fried. So can only assume the processor itself was fried.

    I've tried all the other suggestions posted (thank you, I appreciate it).

    I will say one thing about the MC462 HSF. It is a bear to install. They have the right idea, having the HSF screw onto the board instead of a mounting bracket, but the posts are just a tad bit too small where they attache to the motherboard. So if you don't line them up just right when installing them, when you go to screw the HSF down into them, it will slightly twist. This is the only thing I can figure that may have happened, and therefore rubbed off some of the AS. Live and learn I guess. But I ain't happy about it!
  14. Might I suggest buying another AMD cpu and trying again.

    Did you motherboard beep? or shut down?

    Gee, and I thought AMD didnt have a thermal problem like so many lemmings claim. and with 15 years experiance you would have been able to fasten a clip without destruction of your CPU. Thanks for proving me wrong. =)

    Last question price/performace ratio still beats Intel after buying second CPU and all the down time let alone aggravation?
  15. Look and see if the Arctic Silver oozed over any bridges, or transistors. It;s conductive stuff you know

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  16. For the majority of those who have successfully built Athlon/Duron based systems yes definately the price/performance ratio is all there.. but for those who haven't.. well.. *shrug* better luck next time!

    But in all honesty all this complaining about AMD's thermal problems is way overblown.. just like all the complaining on the original Pentium chip when it required a HSF.

    Palomino is SUPPOSED TO include a thermal diode similar to what Intel has got right now. If it does, then what will we complain about next?
  17. the color of the ceramic

    "648kb is all the space anyone will ever need!"

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  18. much sarcasm and negativity...and me without bullets again! ;-o
  19. I have done RIDICULOUS stuff to my PIII, and it still works fine. I crank it up 50% past it's rated speed sometimes just to see how long it will take to lock up. Truen it back down to 33.3% ast it's rated speed and it runs normally again. Try different votage levels, heatsinks on and off, never a crushed core or heat damage. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, after all, I've been looking for an excuse to get a 1GHz chip!

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  20. You know they make socket A (462) spacers out of copper just for that purpose. I use one. It's a spacer that has holes cut out for the 'pads' so you don't have to razor blade those. It's machined just perfect for the core, but I put a little urethane and silicone on with a qtip just in case.
  21. When you buy a new Intel chip they give you a tube of cooling paste (KY Jelly i think). And it's not for the Chip.
  22. Weird...but I used a cheap 10 dollar cooler (AAVID) for my homemade T-bird 800 system and it never exceeds 50 degrees celsius running the most intense 3d games for extended periods....idles at 45. The only other fan is the one on the power supply.

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  23. Cruel Sig. I like it though.

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  24. LOL that signature is awsome! hehe.

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  25. I don't know how you fry the chip. I just built my first system, a AMD T-Bird 1.2 ghz with 266 FSB. I used Arctic Silver II and my processory never gets above 36 degrees Celsius and idles at 31 degrees. I also thought that I put a little to much on there, but I was told that it's better to put a little too much than not enough. The fan is a GlobalWin FOP32-1.

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  26. actually a little too much will actually insulate the core and make it hotter.

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  27. Insulate it from what?

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  28. From the heatsink, what else?

    <i>I suggest you read the </i><font color=red><b>FAQ</b></font color=red>
  29. I knew that! It just seemed wierd to me that a really good conductor would double as an insulator (antonym to conductor). I don't know why, but it makes no sense whatsoever!

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  30. the thing is, arctic silver isn't a very good conductor. when you use just a small amount it is, but when you put a lot it insulates the core.

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  31. You mean it reduces the direct contact between the heatsink and the cpu. IC.

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