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I am really sorry guys, but this is the most used forum on this site and i really need this file fast.

Would anyone have the original BOS.exe from Fallout Tactics. The one streight off the CD.

btw, here is a funny story... more or less. my mate built a system nice everything and got a 1Ghz Athlon. He installed the Super Orb with a little bit of a difficulty turned it on, 5 min later, after 5 reboots, the smoke came from the case. He crushed the cpu and it burned through the back of the chip.

Since thats not covered by warranty he loaned some cash and bough anouther one.. and the PC worked for 3 days and now it's dead again. He thinks he Crushed it or something .. AGAIN. I am takeing a look at it tomorrow.

When he got the crushed CPU back form the manufacturer this comment was in the letter

"This CPU is in the worst condition we have ever seen sent into us. It looks like you have run your CPU without a heatsink untill it fried then you put the heatsink on and crushed it."

Anyway.. i need that fallout file plzz email it to

"This message has been printed on 100% recycled Pixels, Keep your system Beautiful, Recycle"
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  1. Post the story if you wish here; the BOS.exe request goes somewhere else!

    Anyway, how come you don't have that file yourself?

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  2. I'm just posting to say that I do not have the BOS.exe file that you need. Thanks!
  3. OMFG! didn't the bios shut down the 'puter?

    AMD's cpu's are so f**k'n gay man!

    and he had to get a loan for this cheap cpu? WOW! what ppl do to get a piece of coal.

    regarding BOS.exe why dont you reinstall "streight off the CD"?

    "Amd cpu...Gone in 2 secs flat, it truly is a fast chip!"
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