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hey all, i have a dell inspiron 1721, it came with vista x64, AMD turion, ATI 1200m, WD 250 HDD, 2GB DDR2 RAM.

its been acting up for awhile, as alot of older laptops do, and the HDD finally crashed. SO i got a Seagate 500 GB, and then installed win7 on it.

everything was running fine, untill i noticed the fan doesnt run anymore, the computer (in bios) doesnt even know it has a battery, and then i started to get BSOD on startup. after a succesful installation of win7.

So when i went to re-install win7, the win7 install menu didnt even recognize the HDD, but the bios does. I cant install win7 because the HDD isnt being recognized.

any help would be appreciated as to what to do to get this clunker up and running untill i can save enough to buy a new one. thanks all
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  1. try to run a Linux Live CD to test if it can see the HDD
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