New LCD, no inverter cable?

Ok fixing a laptop for a friend (emachine e430). Problem was a dim display. I was advised it was probably the inverter by a work mate so I brought a new one. New one came, installed but still a problem. Looking through the service manual it said that if the display was dim and brightness was at full then its an LCD faulty and would need a new one.

Ok just got the new LCD and I noticed this one does not have a cable coming out of the bottom to plug into the inverter.
The LCD was advertised for this particular laptop.

I have noticed that the samsung part number on the old is LTN156AT01 and on the new one its LTN156AT02.

Will this working this laptop?
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  1. ok after doing a bit of research I released that the old is a CCFL type LCD and new one is an LED which does not have a power inverter. I'm an idiot lol
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