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Asus k52f vs HP dv6-3020

I've recently purchased this Asus:

but thinking about swapping it for this HP:

which would only cost $20 more at the local store. I'm curious if it's a good upgrade (even though the HD will be slower).

How are HPs comparing to Asus...I've seen the study that puts Asus up top, but I'm somewhat reserved when it comes to studies like that....

Any advice before I go ahead with it, if I do....I'm still undecided.

Thank you very much.
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    Not worth it IMO because first of all the ASUS one has a faster CPU.Also you can upgrade the RAM to 4GB yourself.
    Although 4250M is notably faster than Intel onboard GPUs,it's still a low-end card and doesn't do well in games.
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