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i have 1 HP mini 1109TU powerless. can you help me about it... i already crack all case and try test the power from main input power jack to the mainboard and still got power about 19 volts. Its looks complicated now i cant see burning IC or another component that connected to power.... can you help me to solve this problem ??? Thanks before... best regards, Sugeng.....
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  1. Its dead. Throw it in the trash pile out back.
  2. Lol ... every one knows that my HP is dead.... but i try to repair!!!.... if you not have any solution please never make any commet to someone ok... sometimes if you need any expert comment i hope someone will answer like that... LOL....
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    It is complicated. Unless you have specialized skills, testing equipment and repair tools I don't believe you'd be successful doing a DIY repair.
    Considering what the cost of repair parts & labor would be you'd probably spend less buying a new replacement.
  4. well i'll already try resoldering with air gun with temp 300 degree Celcius temp at the processor... but still have no respond at the power... did some one have any diagram flow power supply of the HP mini 1100TU??... Thanks for the advice WR2
  5. Only HP or the motherboard MFGR would be the source of anything like the diagram you want.
    I doubt even the best local hi-tech repair shops would have anything like that.
    You'd have to find a depot level repair facility is what I'm thinking.
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