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My friend gave me his old motherboard P55C and ensoniq sound card, modem, ethernet card, 50xcdrom, monitor 8 gig hd. Pretty nice eh? Well i got all the [-peep-] and put it all together correctly but when i boot i can barely hear it, no light appears on the monitor or harddrive. If you have the hearing of a dog you could hear the hd running "somewhat"? The only thing I changed on this machine was a p133 to p200mmx, which the kid had all of this running previously. Here's an email i wrote to him about the problems, if anyone can help, msg me or email me back or post Thanks!

Email to friend about computer:

yo will,
I was up to 4am [-peep-] around with this computer, im just going to buy the cable for a:, power cord and i should be set. so i said [-peep-] school i was tired as hell and didn't feel like listening to mini talk about control panel and [-peep-]. Tell me what we did anyway.

But anyways, I have a few questions about the configuration. I looked up one of the ram chips, it was 4mb but i didnt have time to look up the others, you said 24mb so the other chip is probably 4mb (but not the same brand) and the 2 others with the same chip set are probably 16. Question1: being a different brand would that effect the reading of the 8mb?

The voltage, i booted up the computer and nothing happened, probably because i didn't set the alignment of the power supply right on the motherboard, i was one pin off to the right so there was a pin uncovered, stupid mistake. I didn't try booting it up after that. But from reading the motherboard manual @ it seems like i have to up the voltage to 3.3 or 5v because of the new cpu, and the cpu has some concerning questions which i'll get to in a second. Question 2: so if the computer doesn't boot, no beeps, no sound, should i [-peep-] with the jumpers to up the voltage?

The MMX chip, there's a lot of wierd [-peep-] about installing an MMX chip on this PC450 motherboard. It must work because you had it in there to begin with but there's all these contridictions about it and how much harder it is to up the voltage with a mmx, since most motherboard developers were kind of caught offgaurd by it coming out when it did. Plus i took out the mmx thinking the 133 was in there, so I had to put it back in. In the motherboard manual it says something like put the white tipped corner parallel to something else on the motherboard, i dont know if i did that i just snapped it in whatever which way if that would make a difference? Check out and read the section where it starts talking about MMX and tell me what you think.

4th, there's like 16,000 cables with jumpers coming out the front which i suspect would go to the pin next to the cpu, to cover NUM LOCK, EPM, GLED, etc., I dont need to set any of these jumpers on do i? I think that's it for now, it was a bitch putting the keybord in and sliding in the monitor output through the metal sleeves, but i'll manage. Thanks again for sending this [-peep-] to me im going to set up linux on it and try to network w/w98, which wont be much but im saving for another computer which i'll put win2k on and link that [-peep-] up. I cant think of anything else right now i think there was one more thing but i'll send this to you since you're waiting on irc. peace


ONE MORE THING. his mouse is a serial mouse, but the monitor is taking the serial port and there not another. No ps/2 port to use, how can i run this with a mouse, do i need a usb mouse?
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  1. May I ask what your talking about when you say the monitor is hooked up to the serial port?

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  2. YOu can't hook a monitor to a serial port! If your monitor has a 9 pin connector on the back with a removable cable, you need a 9-pin to 15-pin cable! If you monitor has a non-removable cable with a 9-pin end, it is too old to use on a modern computer! At any rate hooking a monitor to a serial port can ruin the whole machine! Where the heck is the video card?

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  3. A valiant and charitable effort crashman. But, this is laughable.

    Uh, VGA graphics card ? PCI maybe ? I think he needs one.

    On second thought, this post simply has to be a hoax. He got you.. then me.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by clonan on 04/04/01 00:10 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  4. I owuld have realized that if I had read the middle part instead of skipping it, yeh, a hoax. I'll recommend he steps up to a Athlon C and an KA7 motherboard, a Pentium cooler without fan (after all, he might hook the wires up wrong) and a nice ATX case and AT power supply. Install the heatsink with a screwdriver and hammer, don't worry about AT power wires not fitting, just cut the ends off and stuff the wires in (after stripping them of coarse), and the order doesn't really matter. He could leave the power switch hanging out of a floppy bay, make sure he connects the IDE cables with the stripe faceing the right side, glue in a few simms, and away he goes! Make sure to have a cup of water to throw on it if it starts smoking, of coarse! The watter makes it go faster-water cooling!

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