Help! USB issue with my laptop(Resolved)

I have a Dell D630 laptop, it worked properly with Windows 7 for a long time. I even didn't remember when the issue occured.

The problem is that I can't copy a file(small file is OK) to the USB drive, for example, if I send a 100MB file to the USB thumb drive, it will finish the copy for around 10% and then never finish. I cancle the copy and it will never stop.

Note: I can use the same USB thumb drive on other computers properly.

Recently, I reinstalled the computer with Windows 7 again. However, the problem occur again. Just after the reinstallation, I insert the USB thumb drive to the computer, and I find that a WUDFhost.exe process appear in Task Manager. However, if I insert the same USB thumb drive to other computer which also have Windows 7, WUDFhost.exe never appear.

It seems that the WUDFhost.exe cause the slow copy issue. Anyone here have the same issue?

more info:I found following error in Event Viewer

The driver \Driver\WUDFRd failed to load for the device USB\VID_0B97&PID_7772\6&24ac04ff&0&2.
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  1. It could potentially be infected with malware. Try running a scan using malware bytes to see if anything shows up or fixes the issue.
  2. No, it's not malware, because I got the same issue after the reinstallation.

    BTW, I resolvled the issue after I installed the latest version of Intel driver for chipset.
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