difference between oem and retail version

can anyone tell me the difference between the oem and the retail version of the amd athlon 1.33ghz (beside the 3 year warranty and heatsink+fan),any ideas for a good cooler under 60$

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  1. you don't get the pretty box, or that sticker... :)

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  2. and damn if that sticker isn't worth it... droped my system temperature by umm... nothing but it increased my performance by umm... nothing. still it tasted good. what? it didn't say don't eat! that is only on silicate gel ;)
  3. I have a ton of those AMD stickers!

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  4. also with oem's if something breaks the company that sold it to you is the one that you will be dealing with for support rather than the manufacturer. if your (oem) cpu is defective amd won't have to replace it, the company that sold it will... maybe. just be careful of who you buy from and make sure that they offer good customer service.

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  5. Then gimme some. I want some AMD stickers. I just have the one that came with my retail Athlon. By the way, I paid the extra for retail to get the warranty. I can't see chancing a $200 chunck of silicon on a 30 or 90 day OEM warranty.

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  6. Globalwin FOP-32 is the odds on favotrite for a great cooler at a reasonable price (under $20).

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