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Ok so , yesterday i was minding my own bussines on my pc , and i restarted it for some reason , and went to the kitchen . When i came back there was a scan running right before starting pc , i waited and when it got the point where i insert password , it only showed a black screen . I was able to move the cursor but that was about all i could do .I restarted it , unpluged , plugged , all that stuff , last known good configuration , even safe mode but it's not working . Went in Safe mode but same thing , black screen , now it even restarts after around 10 seconds . Plz HELP me .
Thanks in advance
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  1. Boot it from a Windows installation, system repair disk, or Hiren's Boot Disk 15.
  2. i dont have windows instalation disk , i borrowed it , can i put win7 on a usb and boot from it ?
  3. Hello... yes you can... you will need a ISO copy of your Windows version... and the Windows ISO to USB/DVD utility...

    Or you can borrow the installation disk back?
  4. Hi :)

    Run a hard drive test in DOS...HIRENS CD etc, it sounds like a failing hard drive...

    All the best Brett :)
  5. radu1296 said:
    i dont have windows instalation disk , i borrowed it , can i put win7 on a usb and boot from it ?
    Get a legit iso of the same version as your machine from HERE, grab the usb stick Windows installer maker from HERE, and try a boot. If your HDD is dead just install on a new drive with your existing installation key.
  6. Thank you , i will do everything you told me right now .
  7. Unfortunately , the only stick i have is formated for some wii games , uhm , i will borrow the cd tomorrow , and i will tell you if what u told me works . Thanks alot
  8. I finally nailed it . i restored from a image that's from few days ago . Thank you everyone for taking time in helping me . See you later :hello:
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