Upgrade CPU need revalidate?

Hello, my friend has this computer with OEM windows 7 home premium 32 bit.
But is running slow, it is a Sempron(AM2) with 1GB DDR2.

I want to give him 3GB of ram and my Athlon X2 3800+.
If i change the processor will i need to revalidate windows or you only need that if you change the motherboard?

Also, If we need to format his computer (cos it's slow), how would i go about revalidating OEM windows 7?
Does Microsoft provide an iso of windows 7 home premiun 32 bit?
And then can we insert the key on the sticker normally or we need to do something else?

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    Hello... only when you change the motherboard... and any time you re-load windows will ya need to re-activate.

    yes there is a ISO for your version of windows... and you can activate using the sticker key... you have 30 days to activate with a Phone call.

    Google/search Windows ISO for locations/files.
  2. Thanks a lot,i can change the processor and add more ram without having to reinstall this is great.

    However if the system is still slow after that and i'm forced to format, where can i find the official windows 7 iso? I can't seem to find it :(
  3. With his OEM official disc
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  5. Thanks all, i decided not to reinstall windows after all, it's hard to find a home premium version in Italian, and i think the only version that allows you to download a language pack from windows update is the ultimate version.
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