T-bird @ 1.33Ghz?

Building a new system that I pick up tomorrow. I ordered a 1Ghz Athalon C. When my hardware guy installed it on the mobo (IWill kk266R, FSB set to 133)it booted to 1.33 Ghz. He figures the supplier sent a 1Ghz Athalon B with a 100 Mhz FSB. The multiplier is 10. I thought these had trouble over 109 Mhz FSB. He tried a Hdd on it and played Quake lll without a hitch. Given all this, do I have an OC'd FSB or did I get a 1.33 Athalon C? How do you tell the difference? Can't remember where I saw any info on telling the difference between a B and a C
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  1. Hmm, what's this Athalon you talk of? Never heard of such a chip :)
  2. To find out if it's specced for 1.33 GHz, check the engraving on the top of the CPU core. About the second line, it should list the CPU stepping, a 4-character word beginning and ending with the letter "A". Currently, the official stepping for the 1.33 GHz Athlon is "AXIA"; anything else, and your CPU is O/C'd.

    Of course, if it runs stable at 1.33 GHz, this might not be such a bad thing...I mean, it's not every day you get more than you pay for... :wink:

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  3. The big problem with setting the FSB to 109Mhz or not much more was due to the chipset, KT133, not the processor. You more than likely have a 1gig proc.

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