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I was looking to buy a laptop with an I3-370 and a Nvidia Geforce GT 420M graphics card. After reading about the 2nd generation I processors, is it better to wait for one? I always thought it was better to have a discrete graphics card, but it appeared that the new I3's would have better processing and graphics onboard. I'm not looking for extreme game playing, just watching and editing videos and some lame gaming.

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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Well,video editing benefits from faster CPUs,so if I were you,I would wait and buy a laptop with second gen Core "i" CPUs.
  2. Hi Maziar,
    Thank you for the welcome and your advice. It gets kind of confusing with all the different options out there!
  3. I'll move this thread to the laptop's section so you can get more replies.
    Fill the FAQ and wen can help you find the notebook which suits your needs
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