Slow boot. Slow everything! W7 MSI laptop

Hello, guys. I have a real headscratcher here.
My friends laptop started working really slow all of sudden. It boots really hard . like 10 minutes. Even in bios it runs in slow motion. Even after a format it opens my computer windows in slow motion. I've never seen anything like it. No hdd errors or anything. Processor is like 10% load. Chrome flash games and etc work fine!
Any clues or pointers?
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  1. Go to run in the start menu and type in msconfig. Go to the start menu and click on disable all. restart and you will get a message informing you that yu hae made changes. Accep them and let us know if that worked. if it helped, make sure you do an thoroogh and complete scan for viruses and malware. Good luck.
  2. Sounds like potentially a hardware failure issue might come up soon. If the flash games work fluidly after they load then it isn't your CPU or GPU.

    The things I can think of are...

    A failing HDD that causes the BIOS and everything else to be sluggish until it gets to RAM
    Overheating of some sort of component (motherboard chipset possibly)
    If you have external devices connected disconnect them all before you boot
    Insufficient power to the system

    I'd check the cooling system just in case there is dust insulating or blocking airflow
    And, my first guess would be a failing HDD since I've had similar symptoms with failing HDDs causing everything to slow down
  3. Hi :)

    Run a hard drive test in DOS...HIRENS CD etc, it sounds like a failing hard drive...

    All the best Brett :)
  4. if the hard drive is going it can cause the mb to lock up. try bear boning the laptop. remove that hard drive and make sure both ram is seated. if the slow bios screen is gone..put the hard drive back in. if it slows down in the bios again then it could be the hard drive or the mb sata ports.
  5. thanks for the great feedback guys. I also suspected failure of the HDD. I am going to do some tests and will come back with some feedback.
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